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シルフィア(Shirufia)  = Sylphia

Sylph = Spirit of Air. One of the Four Great Elements

Title = Blood Stained Sylph. Lost One. Chirping Bird

Type: Fourthaloid Model : 4GE-S
Voice Range: Unknown Gender: Female      
Voice and Creator: Makka Yuki Race :  Spirit                                
Age: 1560 Years Old                        Genre : Pop , Ballad ,etc.
Weight :  Unknown Likes : Wind, Flower, Typhoon, Toy

Height : 135 cm (Current Body)

               160 cm (Real Body)

Dislikes : Destruction,

                Bad Memories, Herself

Personality and History: the Lord Spirit of Air. the most kindest yet cruel spirit. Sylph lives with their

3 friends, Efreetion, Gnomea and Undine. They always helps each other, when the war broke out, the 

Ruler of All Spirits died and all spirits start to disappear, but the Four Great Spirit didn't disappear...only lost it's original body.

After Sylph wake up, she able to sing, because the harmony power of Wind that the Ruler give to Sylph. Because of this, Sylph

started to become a Diva and tried to resurrect all spirits that died. But, she cannot sing to long or else, she will died from blood

lost. (that's why she always wear bandage)

Supplemental Information

Hair Color: Green

Eyes Color: Sky Blue with purple sharp pupils

Sylphia Current Body

Skin Tone: White

Races / Nationality : Great Spirit. but, Lost her real body.

Lives Past: in Boundary Time

Present: in Japan

Favorite Phrase : I Love them...I alway act like a Big Sister to them..that's why...

Dress Color: Blue, Green, White

(Her Hands an Legs are hidden in the Dress)

Sylphia Doll (Character Item)

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