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Suukiloid Kaiyui

(Japanese: 会唯スウキ呂挑 - かいゆいすうきろいど - Suukiloid Kaiyui)
スウキ呂挑 (Suuki; Suuki meaning misfortune and loid referring to the fact she's an UTAU.)
会唯 (Kaiyui; Kaiyui meaning friend.)
TYPE: Kaiyuiloid
GENDER Female VOICE RANGE D#3 ~ C#5 RELATED CHARACTERS Shirin Kaiyui (Mother/Builder)
Neneloid Kaiyui (Big sister)
Kuiru Kaiyui (Big brother)
Gosei Heishi (Best Friend)
Shito Magene (Likely crush)
Koyune Hokichi (Friend)
Shiore Shikkan (Friend)
Himeko Chine (Enemy/Ex-GF)
WEIGHT 94 lbs CHARACTER ITEM Pink Lemonade CREATOR Suukisan Kaiyui
HEIGHT 5'2 VOICE SOURCE Suukisan Kaiyui PICTURE LINK LIST True Love Restraint (Cover Art)
BIRTHDAY April 3rd LIKES Lemonade, Crackers MEDIA LIST Yozurina
Shake It!
Kaiyui Territory
Mind Brand
PERSONALITY: Suukiloid is a compassionate robot girl who LOVES lemonade. She is extremely outgoing and often pretty silly and is very caring and protective towards her friends. She's deathly allergic to being submerged in water, although drinking it just makes her act like she's drunk.


Suukiloid has pale skin, grey eyes and a dusty lavender-colored wavy bob with three ahoge atop, the center one being regular sized while the other two smaller. Right on her collarbone is her power button, which is silver with a glowing cyan power icon. On her back are small, non-functional metal wings made of painted copper and exposed wires. When she is embarrassed, angry or surprised, the tips of her wings let of nf sparks.
Suukiloid CV wears a white baggy t-shirt that has black sleeves and a black seam at the top paired with a pleated dark green skirt. Her usual footwear is just black sneakers and ankle-high white socks.
Suukiloid VCV wears a button-up forest green v-neck tank top that has a pointed bottom that makes her belly button visible. There are circuit board patterns all along it in a shimmering gold color. She has a pleated skirt that goes down to her mid-thigh that's a lighter shade of forest green and the trim is gold. She wears bell sleeves that match the same color and pattern as her shirt, but the ends are a vibrant green. There is a green fabric neckpiece around her neck that meets with her power button, and she has black ankle socks paired with gold mary janes. In her hair is a green headband that has the same pattern as her shirt.
(VCV: Retake)
Suukiloid VCV: Retake wears a light gray shirt with light blue trim that is similar in cut to Hatsune Miku's shirt. She wears black sleeves that span from her elbow to her wrists and hemmed with cyan on either end. She has a black ribbon on her chest similar to the one that Kagamine Rin has on her outfit with her power button on the knot, and she has a matching black skirt that goes down to her mid thigh. She wears dark teal stockings and black mary jane shoes. Her final accessory is a teal hair clip in her hair that's shaped like a butterfly.


Suukiloid's CV was released on April 3, 2019. You can download it here.
Suukiloid's Re:Take bank is being released on April 3, 2021 to celebrate her 2 year anniversary.

Terms of Use

  • Do not use Suukiloid's voice and/or likeness comercially without first obtaining permission from the creator.
  • Do not create R-18/R34 drawings of Suukiloid.
    - Using Suukiloid in sexual songs (e.g. Gomenne Gomenne, Sweet Devil) is alright.
    - Using Suukiloid in gorey and/or dark songs (e.g. Hyperdontia, Coin Locker Baby) is alright.
    - Creating gorey/violet artwork of Suukiloid is alright.
  • Do not ship Suukiloid with male and/or underaged characters.
    - Shipping Suukiloid with female characters around her age is alright.
  • Do not steal and/or take credit of Suukiloid, her voice, and/or her likeness.
  • Do not use Suukiloid in any sort of hate speech or propoganda works.
  • Do not redistribute Suukiloid using any link other than Suukisan's BowlRoll.
  • You must credit Suukiloid under her UTAU name when using her in a song, drawing, cover, or any other form of media.

Fun Facts

  • Her prototype design originally had long blonde hair, and her name was Sukaira Kaiyui.
  • She is OBSESSED with pink lemonade.
  • She is a lesbian.
  • She almost always a sleeve of crackers in her purse.
  • She lives in Nara, Japan.
  • Her sister Neneloid is a robot like her, but her brother Kuiru is actually her creator's son.
  • Once she almost burned down her school from the sparks coming from her wings.
  • All the cheese in Suukiloid's fridge seems to randomly go missing nightly. She highly suspects Heishi Gosei as the culprit.

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