Suki Urufu (ウルフ好き), also called Suki Wolf, is a voicebank for the UTAU program.


Suki is a bit of a pervert, and acts most like that when she is really happy. However, she is extremely more innocent on the inside. She acts like a hypocrite, but doesn't mean it. She likes it when people make her sing. She also at times acts insanely quiet when she is deep in thought. When this happens, it's usually a bad sign. It probably means that she is sad. She also hates it when people call her by her last name - Urufu. Even though she has a Japanese name, she is not Japanese. Her true native country remains a mystery.

  • Item - salt
  • Likes - singing, drawing
  • Dislikes - Utatane Piko


  • Suki (好き) - love
  • Urufu (ウルフ) - wolf


  • Hair color - Dark brown.
  • Headgear - None.
  • Eye color - Dark brown.
  • Earphones - None.
  • Outfit - A long-sleeved purple dress with a grey scarf, grey tights, and dark red boots.


  • Camui Gackpo - crush
  • Tora Dai - friend
  • Ichiro Dai - friend
  • Tomi Dai - friend
  • AI/Aiko - long lost sister
  • Hiro Hoshi - future husband
  • Hatsu Hoshi - best friend
  • M-22n UTA - friend
  • Sadao - gender-bend clone, enemy

Voicebank distribution

Voicebank Reclist Range Description DL
Suki Urufu CV C3~C6 "Suki's first voicebank." 4shared
Suki Urufu act 2 CV C3~C6 "Suki's second voicebank." MediaFire
Suki Urufu act 3 CV C3~C6 "Suki's third voicebank." MediaFire

Voice details

  • Input - Hiragana encoded
  • System - Microsoft Windows
  • Optimum - Genre: Any except rap or country, Range: C3~C6

Additional Information


  • Her birthday is September 6th.

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