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From Her brimstone bed at break of day, walking; the devil is gone. To visit her snug little farm the earth, and see how her stock goes on. 

(Japanese: 好く音スイカ - すくねすいか - Sukune Suika)

好く音 (Sukune; Loving Sound or more precisely Sound that loves it)
スイカ (Suika; Watermelon)
Not to be mistaken as a relative or anyone related to Tei Sukone. ( Sukone Came AFTER Suika )

Occasionally called 'Susu' by her fans (combining "Su" from Sukune and "Su" from Suika)

TYPE: SOULOID - Sou as in Layers and loid in utauloid Layered meanings.
MODEL: 130 under it is UD-23 - Stamped on her right buttcheek

Seine Shuku ( Demon in Suikas right eye, Childhood lovers.)

Voice (Current Slave/ romantic interest.)
Tei Sukone (Suikas Personal Rival.)
Zuii Takoe (Half Sister.)
Kumai Kamine (Cousin; Younger twin of Lenon.)
Lenon Kamine (Cousin; Older twin of Kumai.)
Kiki Okashine (cousin.)
KoeKoe MODE (Childhood friend.)
Maki Watase (Best friend.)
Hasami Meine (Best friend.)
Amagaku (Best Friend.)
Amu Fushoune (Best friend.)
Heru Fushoune (picks on the girls.)
Karasu Kurone (Pervert to the girls.)

WEIGHT 130 lbs (58.96 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Watermelon CREATOR



(YouTube) (DeviantArt) (NND)

HEIGHT / MEASUREMENTS 5'6" feet (167.64 cm)
B: 45 in
W: 21.25 in
BIRTHDAY August 10 LIKES Adores Luka and Meiko, Anime, manga, her scarf, Watermelons, her friends, closeness of friends or families, children and flirting with men. (see below for an expounded list) MEDIA LIST NICO NICO DOUGA, YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE May 15, 2009 DISLIKES Creepy crawlies, when shes proven wrong, anyone tricking or using her or her friends, hearing bad singing, being confused with Tei Sukone, confusing her surname as Sukone, instead of Sukune. (see below for an expounded list) SIGNATURE SONG

Sakura Biyori-Act 4 + Append Light

Endless-Act 4

Eternal Blaze-Act 4

Fukkireta X Renai Circulation-Triphonic

Megumeru -Triphonic

Mousou Sketch - Hybrid Append

Last night good night - Vivid append


PERSONALITY: Suika is tsundere but has many ways of seeing things and very open with her feelings when she isnt feeling pressured, She is Creative and very passionate, Extremly loyal and loving, Generous and warmhearted, not to mention playful. She can act bossy and interfering, arrogant and intolerant, and can be pompous and patronizing at times; but only if her emotions or beliefs get the best of her, or her tsundere side.'

Character Background

Separated at birth Suika living with her birth parents Zuii her birth mother was given up. She is originally a human but a demon lurks within her eye; Giving her body the demon wings, horns, fangs, and claws. If she doesnt keep the eyepatch on her eyeball is a deadly weapon of a blade in which the slightest movement of her pupil can cut through almost anything, leaving only a slight colorful trail of gold; As when her weapon activates her right eye turns gold. She needs both eyes for it to activate if one is covered she is harmless. She accidentally murdered her family when she was young; priestess witnessed it and placed a spell on her to stop it temporarily; as time went by the spell wore off and she hurt the priestess; a seal was placed on the eyepatch and Suika hasn't taken off unless under the Demons will. The priestess died after using the last of her energy to make the seal and Suikas half elf Cousins Kamine Kumai and lenon took her in; Kumai taking the motherly role in which being very protective over anyone interested in her. (love) Many years later Suika had encountered her half sister Zuii by a freak accident that caused Zuii to leave her adoptive town; Zuii left nowhere to go begged around the town, eventually knocking on the Kamine's door; She had stated her name and where she was from the twins knew about Suikas half sister and accepted them into their home; they bonded immediately, and eventually were told.

Suikas Demon Eye - Seine Shuku the demon lord of hell and has a rosary placed on him; so that he cant leave hell and its slowly turning him good. Suika was his friend but after the his power awoke in his body it forced to implant her with a part of him in her left eye; she didnt know he was the demon lord's child. Neither did Shuku, he lived as a human boy; Suika grew up with a part of him in her body making her demon as well. Now Suika goes out like the grim reaper killing all those who sinned and dragging them to hell but only when her eyepatch is off because its really Shuku controling her body from hell, he eats the body and sends them to hell. Tthe rosary is turning him good and the more pure his heart the more he will die; since he loves Suika it will be expressed slowly but more but as soon as he says " i love you " he will die and she will become the new demon lord; So he must Show the nastiest side of himself to her; so she doesnt have to suffer this fate.

Extended Related Character Information

Seine Shuku ( Demon in Suikas right eye, Controls her when eyepatch is removed. Childhood lovers.)
Tei Sukone (Suikas Personal Rival; Even if Tei doesnt know of her existance in this world. Suika wants her gone, or at least to beat her.)
Zuii Takoe (Half Sister; was given up at birth by their mother; Recently met Suika for the first time.)
Kumai Kamine (Cousin; Younger twin of Lenon.Took care of Suika when her parents died; took the motherly role.)
Lenon Kamine (Cousin; Older twin of Kumai. Also Took care of Suika; took on the fatherly role.)
Kiki Okashine (cousin, They both share a strong fondness for watermelons; Watermelon fights arent uncommon.)
KoeKoe MODE (Childhood friend; Recently met up in the singing world.)
Maki Watase (Best friend; Listens to Suikas Problems.)
Hasami Meine (Best friend; Makes Art with Suika.)
Amagaku (Best Friend, causes havok with Suika.)
Amu Fushoune (Best friend; Suika constantly flirts with her to see her nose bleed.)
Heru Fushoune (picks on the girls; Suika often gets back at him for being a dork.)
Karasu Kurone (Pervert to the girls; drags him to the corner of the room and knocks him out often.)

Extended Likes / Dislike Information

Likes :

- Suika is an otaku; She is obesessed with Anime, and Manga.

- She LOVES Her scarf only takes it off when necessary but even in hot weather she refuses to.

- At time she only eats watermelons for months on end, as her first name means watermelon.

- She loves her friends dearly, if anything were to happen to them shed go insane.

- Closeness of friends or families becauses of her past.

- Children that arnt annoying but just adorable; She has such a soft spot for them.

- Of course Flirting with men attempting to make them love her, She thinks its funny when she makes a gay guy straight.

Dislikes :

- Suika for the longest time has hated creepy crawlies if a bug was to land on her shed scream and run around in circles crying.

- She hates it when shes proven wrong by many obvious facts and will continue to give explainations of how shes right even when they dont make sense.

- If anyone tricks or rather uses her or her friends, She gets angry; So angry in fact she will remove her eyepatch and threaten death upon them.

- When Suika hears bad singing; with her ears under her hair extremly sensitive she gets a bad additudute towards EVERYTHING.

- When Suika Sees a poser; trying to be someone else or be like something they arent. She gets discusted.

- Hates being Confused With Sukone Tei. Sukone Tei was made After Sukune Suika, Suika Feels inferior to her because of her popularity rate, in such a short time When Suika has been around for much longer.

- Suika Gets upset when She hears the Name Sukone instead of Sukune when adressing her or when told that Sukone is better.

Supplemental Information

HAIR COLOR: light greenish white
EYE COLOR: Left eye (Black and gold target with a star as the pupil) Right eye Blood red
OUTFIT: Low cut corset type top 3 black diamond stripes going down the sides and a small one in the middle; Main outfit color is red, green Trimmings, black arm bands with green trimming on the bottom and red on top. Her bottom half is Black underwear, black stockings red boots with black strip going down the middle with green trimming on the bottom and top of the boots. She also has green fingernails and a black eye patch on her right eye.
ALTERNATE OUTFIT: Long Black Scarf around her neck loosly ends tied around her breasts in the front; In the back it is tied. She is holding another black scarf in her arms. She has 2 cris-crossed belt buckles around her waist then a pair of black underwear under the belts. Under her kneecaps are green belts, attached to the belt is a piece of black scarf like cloth around each leg and attaching to another green belt at her ankle; she doesnt have any shoes. On her wrists are green belts as well, one for each arm. she has two red bulls eye like symbols on her left and right shoulders with extended lines coming off the last line. On the sides of her body she has a red sqaured zig zag pattern with a dot at the end; pattern starts on her thighs the same way. On her belly button a red half circle with extended lines. She is not wearing her eyepatch and her eye looks like a black and gold bulls eye with a star pupil.

Voice Configuration

Only supports Japanese currently. (Act 4 can be rigged to speak some English)

ACT 3.6



Rough Append

Soft Append

Light Append

Dark Append

Hybrid Append (Combination of Light and Act 4)

Vivid Append

ACT 4 + Upgraded Triphones

Sukune Suika HARD append

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