(Japanese: 未熟俚似スースーコ - みじゅくりにすーすーこ - Mijukurini Suusuuko)

未熟俚似 (Mijukurini) - an exaggerated last name that doesn't translate out correctly to anything
すーすー (Suusuu/Su-su-) - used in manga to represent air leaking
子 (Ko) - child

Her first name, Su-suko, is intentionally spelled differently than it would be in literal Romaji.

MODEL: SRS02 - This is shown imprinted on her left leg.
GENDER Female VOICE RANGE A3 ~ G5 RELATED CHARACTERS Zuii Takoe (same voicer)
Psychotic Psycho (same voicer)
Fifi Macfu (same voicer)

WEIGHT 115.7 lbs (52.6 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Pretzels and white stuffed rabbits CREATOR SingingRobotStalker (SRS) (DA)
HEIGHT 4'2" ft (127.1 cm) VOICE SOURCE SingingRobotStalker (dA) (YouTube) PICTURE LINK LIST

by 雪透ゆき

BIRTHDAY February 21, 2009 LIKES eating, being the center of attention MEDIA LIST

YouTube Channel

RELEASE DATE June 2013 DISLIKES being ignored SIGNATURE SONG Unknown
PERSONALITY: Tsundere; harsh outside attitude, sweet personality inside.

Voice Configuration

Su-suko has multiple voicebanks available that do not use any unique configuration in comparison to other UTAU voicebanks. VCV banks work like VCV banks, CV banks work like CV banks. There are a few extras in the libraries, but they do not need special explanation.


She will be Japanese-only unless the desire for an English extension pack arises.


Romaji encoded with Japanese aliases in the oto.ini file. The purpose of her files being in Romaji is for the convenience of Overseas users, but should still work fine for Japanese users.


Re-release is planned for June of 2013. Her last release was on October 31, 2012. A VCV voicebank is planned, but not likely to be released anytime soon.

Su-suko CV

The version has the default voicebank for Su-suko. You can download the last version here (MediaFire), but an updated version will be released in the near future and is highly recommended to use instead of this one.

Su-suko CV Tsuntsun

The version has the strong voicebank for Su-suko. The last version made was taken down, but a new one is soon to be released.

Su-suko CV Deredere

The version has the soft voicebank for Su-suko. The last version made was taken down, but a new one is soon to be released.

Su-suko CV Complete

This version has a default voicebank and two "append" voicebanks in separate folders. You can use the Tsuntsun (strong) and Deredere (soft) voicebanks by putting T (for Tsuntsun) or D (for Deredere) at the end of each note in UTAU. It is easiest and quickest to use the SuffixBroker built-in plugin to do this.

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