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Mijukurini Su-suko (未熟俚似スースーコ(みじゅくりにすーすーこ)) was a voicebank for the UTAU program.


Su-suko is a Tsundere; harsh outside attitude, her personality is sweet inside.

Character details

  • Age: 13
  • Likes: Eating, being the center of attention
  • Dislikes: Being ignored
  • Item: Pretzels and white stuffed rabbits
  • Model: SRS02. This is shown imprinted on her left leg.
  • Height: 4'2" ft (127.1 cm)
  • Weight: 115.7 lbs (52.6 kg)


  • Mijukurini (未熟俚似) - 未熟 (Mijuku) means "unskilled", 俚 (Ri) means "rude" or "immature", and 似 (Ni) means "(is) similar to"; Mijukurini means "Similar to rude, unskilled".
  • Su-suko (スースーコ) - Suusuu/Su-su is a expression used in manga to represent air leaking. Ko means child.

Voicebank information

Su-suko has multiple voicebanks available that do not use any unique configuration in comparison to other UTAU voicebanks. VCV banks work like VCV banks, CV banks work like CV banks. There are a few extras in the libraries, but they do not need special explanation. She will be Japanese-only unless the desire for an English extension pack arises.


Romaji encoded with Japanese aliases in the oto.ini file. The purpose of her files being in Romaji is for the convenience of Overseas users, but should still work fine for Japanese users.


Su-suko voicebanks and voicebanks made by SingingRobotStalker have been discontinued.[1]