Spicane Rira

(Japanese: スピ ケインリラ'  - Supikein Lila)

ALIAS: 暁 (Akatsuki; This was Rira her first name, since her creator invented Rira while looking at the sky at dawn.)

Poopy-chan: Troll nickname
スピ ケイン (Spicane; Spica and Arcane put together. So not as in 'Spica' + the typical ending 'Ne' Spica or Alpha Virginis, is the brightest star in the constellation Virgo, and the 15th brightest star in the nighttime sky. The cane comes from 'Arcane, meaning Secret, mysterious, known or understood by only a few people
リラ (Rira; Lila: Dutch, German,… for the colour or flower lilac, it can also be seen as a name of Arabic origine , and then the meaning of Lila is "dusk". Seen as Lyra: Lyra is a constellation name taken from the lyre of Orpheus. It contains the star Vega and thus could refer to music or astronomy. It can also refer to one of the seven deadly sins: Ira (wrath).

TYPE: Alphapoid (αぽいど or  あるふぁぽいど)
MODEL: 046

(CV: G3~B4)

(VCV: C3~G#5) 


Deruta Lupe  (the disobedient dog)

Yuwakune Megami  (allosexual bat)

Galaco (She's just a little bit obsessed with her)

Emi Merushine (Friend)

Laska (Deleted cousin)

AGE 'Born 30/6/1908'Got an accident at 13/12/1924

Got resurrected as cyborg at 7/10/1982 (her b-day)

GENRE Any HOMEPAGE Alpha's laboratorium
WEIGHT She claims it's too much CHARACTER ITEM Pink Macarons or a lyre CREATOR Lypse
BIRTHDAY 5 October LIKES Getting attention, tell people how horrible cabbage tastes, Vega (Alpha Lyrae), Cosmos, sweets, the dawn, raccoons, hugpillows, forcing others into cosplays, Geology, stars, her lyre and fruit MEDIA LIST Click!


DISLIKES People who don't want to be her friend, bossy people, whining people, mathematics, jellyfishes,  intellectual people, cabbage, things that bring misfortune, rainy days (because she needs the sun to recharge) SIGNATURE SONG スピカね リラ RELEASE VID

PERSONALITY:' Rira is an attention-seeking cyborg, that's less annoying during day than during night. The blue bows on her head are solar panels, that provide her energy. She wanted to become a singer in order to get lot's of attentions. Sadly enough she discovered that she wasn't very skilled, so she tried to make friends, in order to get more popular. Again, she failed, as most people don't want to be her friend. At first she seems very lighthearted and fun, but as soon as people get closer to her, she turns out to be a ranting, superstitious snob that prefers sweets over her friends. She has this 'I'm-so-awesome-attitude" that makes it very difficult to get along with her. If that's not bad enough, she's very possessive over the little friends she has. As mentioned, she's very superstitious, f.e. she refuses to open her umbrella indoors, it seems like it doesn't work on her 'social luck' though.

Even though she loves to talk about herself, she refuses to answer some more important questions people ask her a lot, such as why or how she became a cyborg or how she got her hair like that.

v s'eh 

Supplemental Information

Her Twitter-bot is: @RiraSpicaneBOT

Hair color: Brink pink, fading into a dark shade of indigo, mostly drawn with stars. 
Headgear: Two duke blue solarpanel-like bows, with fuschia, glowing stripes
Eye color: Amaranth
Earphones: Under those bows
Nationality/Race: Belgian Hybrid

Extra information: The star on her face is amber. She has also one on her right hip.

Color sheme: Pink, blue and purple are the main colors in all her designs. In her two main designs, the colors are based on the sky during sunset. They contain lot's of shades of Violet like Web and Floral Lavender, Eggplant, Wisteria and ofcourse lilac.


- Rira was first a Galaco/IA pitchloid called 'Galaxia', when she became an 'utau' she was redesigned (feel the weeb)

- Her release was in delay for more then a year

- Her name has nothing to do with Rira from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. Who's actually just Lyra in the Japanese version of the series.

- Rira/Lyra is a star constellation that can be related to music since it looks like an instrument.

- I know Rira is also French for 'he will laugh'. But that wasn't on purpose.

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