Sourome Azuru [kana: ソウロメアズル) is an W.I.P. UTAU owned and voiced by blueCoat.

{{|kana = ソウロメアズル|romaji = Sourome Azuru|type = clefV01|voice_range = Male|current_model = BETA 0.2|voice_type = Contralto|gender = Male|race = Human|age = 14|height = 1.62 m|weight = 57 kg|birthdate = September 23th|eye_colour = Dark brown|hair_colour = Brown|creator = blueCoat|voice_provider = bluecoat|related_character = Ren Shoei (brother) Satomi (best friend & crush)|image1 = Sourome.jpg}}

Character details


He uses a blue navy coat and black shorts. Inside, he wears a white shirt(it isn’t vissible) and also wears a white/gray scarf and black shoes with long socks. Its design is based in the French dress of the XVI century.

Other clothes

A small microphone in his scarf and white earpods.

Name meaning:

Sourome Azuru is a deformation of Spanish words “sombra”(shadow) and “azul”(blue), so that means “blue shadow”

His official name (in Japanese) is Tomoya Shōei(書影 智也)

The meaning of the names of his series is going to be clearer later, when the rest of the clefV UTAU will be released.

Design keyword: fancy

Voicebank details:

V01-ALFA 0.3

Is the actual last released version.

Pitch of records: D3

Encoding: romaji

Language: Japanese with extra sounds like “l”;”r”,”th”

V01-BETA 0.2

Is the last version, until the first stable is released.

Pitch of records: G#4

Optim range:D4-F#5

Encoding: romaji

Langauge: japanese+extensions for spanish+CVVC encoding posibilities

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