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Souma Corveleyn is a voicebank for the UTAU program.


CW: Mental health, mentions of death, trauma, abuse

Souma Lawrence Corveleyn, a man of Shinigami origin, and currently a family man. Souma grew up in England, alongside his mother, father, and little sister, Ava. He was a young prodigy, setting himself up for success rather early in his educational experience, and made himself well known within his town. However, that is not particularly a positive thing. He is currently an S class Shinigami.

Growing up, his father was always distant, and his mother grew colder each passing day until she finally left without saying a word. This struck a personal nerve with Souma, as he often felt that they were close with each other. To him, as he sees it now, it was all a lie just to get closer with his father and mess with him. When Souma turned 24, he hunted down and murdered his mother in cold blood with her own weapon. No one knew of this until Ava managed to get him to talk about it well into their years of training for the High Council, and she has kept it a secret since. This was originally noted as a suicide on his mother's end, and so far it has not been discovered to be anything else.

Souma has a special interest in cooking and food as a whole. He likes to think of himself as a food connoisseur, actively seeking out new foods to try out all around the world. He struggles to eat chewy textures, but he tries them anyway so that he can say that he has at least eaten something once. He got into this current interest because of his younger sister, often finding himself having to feed them both when his parents failed to do so.

Souma, in the past, had an unhealthy and extremely dangerous obsession with obtaining power in order to overthrow the Shinigami High Council. In order to accomplish this, he discovered a strange, powerful energy within the child of his former partner, Fukitsuma Roland Jackson Jr., first born son of the Demon Lord Lucifer (ruler of the 1st Circle in the Underworld). His obsession went as far as gaslighting, physically and psychologically abuse, and overall fear tactics in order for his partner to submit to his wishes when all Roland wanted was to reconcile with his child after all they had been through together. Souma wanted the soul of Roland's child, and he was willing to do whatever it took to obtain it. This was later stopped upon meeting his current husband, Abel Crona, as he encouraged Souma to seek help when learning that he did not experience feelings of empathy. This would later on allow for him to discover more about himself, including things that he always thought were normal, but were in fact very much not. Soon after he began receiving help, he began to discover family he didn't even realize he had. Bringing up the memory of a woman he had relations with when experimenting with himself and his identity, he had come to realize that he had twins, a few grandchildren, and a nephew. As most of them were put into soul exile, he made it a personal goal to connect with his family and help them rediscover who they once were, so that they can once more live normally.

Mentally, Souma has Antisocial Personality Disorder, in which the origins are unknown (allegedly coming from his mother), and Autism Spectrum Disorder. He also experiences Astraphobia, the fear of thunderstorms. He is currently seeking treatment as requested by his husband.

Physically, Souma struggles with partial blindness, making it more difficult for him to navigate new areas, read, and overall adapt to different sized spaces. He also struggles with thyroid problems, which make it difficult for him to lose weight. However, this he doesn't really care much about, as he knows he maintains his weight well and exercises often.

*Fallen: A species that is classified in 3 different ways; a corrupted angel or demon, a hybrid between an angel and demon, or a classification for a creature that has traits of both naturally. These beings are often rare to discover, especially in the natural context.


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Souma is a British Japanese man who is generally quiet and reserved , holding no sense of empathy or remorse, though he is attempting to learn. Some would say he's apathetic, though he can become very cuddly around those he cares for. He is highly intelligent and resourceful, yet oblivious to many things. If there's a problem, he will find a solution, even if it means using unconventional means to do so.

  • Item - Obsidian Scythe
  • Likes - Most foods, the season of autumn, cats, plush toys, scarves, forests, drawing, reading, the feeling of raw cotton
  • Dislikes - plain milk, most kinds of rodents (hamsters are the exception), car rides, the season of summer, Styrofoam, the scent of motor oil


  • Corveleyn - Keen, Inventive, Reliability
  • Souma (颯真) - the true sound of the wind


  • Hair color - Dark brown
  • Eye color - light blue to purple ombre
  • Outfit - business casual; button up shirt, turtleneck sweater, slacks, scarf, gloves, boots


Product Information[]


- Rendered through RVC

- Rendered by ニア(Near)

- inference - Diogenes

- oto.ini - trashedgorilla


- Recorded with Behringer C-1U

- E♭3

- Rendered .frqs

- 7 mora VCV reclist (configured by ニア(Near))


- Recorded with Behringer C-1U

- E3

- Rendered .frqs

- CV

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