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Mohone Sora (模倣音空) is a voicebank for the UTAU program.


In 2020 the creator decided to make her out of a whim due to quarentine. Fufilling their younger selves long time dream out of sheer boredum.


Sora is determined to be soft spoken yet curious. A bit of an airhead too if you must say.

  • Item - Not determined
  • Likes - Stargazing, Procrastinating.
  • Dislikes - Bugs


  • Sora (空) - Sky, Play on with the creator's name 'Skai'
  • Moho (模倣) - Imitation
  • Ne (音) - Sound
  • Mohone Sora (模倣音空) - "Imitating the sound of sky". (Or so I'd like to think)


  • Hair color - Dark blue-black
  • Headgear - White ribbon that mimic the shape of clouds
  • Eye color - Gradient Darkblue to Cyan
  • Earphones - Black Headphones that glow blue on the outer plate.
  • Outfit - Dark teal vest with a blue tanktop underneath. Detached sleeves in which gradient transparent towards the end. Light blue shorts with a transparent side-skirt belt which displays an equalizer. Blue boots in which the outer cuffs are transparent.

Voicebank distribution


Mediafire link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/6hmqf4ve9u7gj4b/Mohone_Sora.rar/file

Voice details

CV Voice bank

  • Input - Hiragana encoded and Romaji aliased
  • System - Microsoft Windows
  • Optimum - Genre: Unknown, Logical Range : F#3~A4, Tempo: Unknown

Voice samples

  • CV 

    【UTAU NEWCOMER】Mohone Sora CV 【DEMO reel VB DL】

    CV Demo Reel


Upcoming Plans

  • VCCV ENG Voice Bank (Currently being oto.ini')
  • VCV JP Voice Bank (Currently Recording)
  • PH Voice Bank

Additional information

Terms of Use

  • Do not claim the character or character's voice as your own.
  • Please do not redistribute this voicebank.
  • Please do not heavily edit or alter the original voicebank.
  • Editing the Oto.ini of this voicebank is not allowed.


  • She is currently being oto.ini'd by Ryan-kun/ryanlanuza18@dA

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【UTAUカバー】 Sigh 【模倣音空】

【UTAUカバー】 Sigh 【模倣音空】


【UTAUカバー】Meltdown 炉心融解【模倣音空】

【【UTAUカバー】Meltdown 炉心融解【模倣音空】


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