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Sopel is a joke voicebank for the UTAU program.


Sopel is a tiny train model coming from the merchandising lineup of Czech railways. Such train model is being used in real life by the company Arriva. Despite being a jokeloid, he represents simple and pure joy in hard times. He makes train sounds, such as honks or whistles. He gets hurt often. Sopel is autistic and has ADHD, jokingly said that it comes from his two adoptive fathers Alexandr and Vaclav. His best friend is a person called Zhenya. They hang out and like to tumble down hills together. She emotionally supports little Sopel.

Etymology details[]

  • Name: Sopel - can be literally translated to "snot" in english

Character details[]

  • Description: in it's physical form, it is short yet long. can be held in a single hand. rectangular.
  • Outfit: blue, light blue and white
  • Likes: bed, blanket


  • Václav - father


Terms of Use[]

  • no commercial use
  • no R-18 content
  • no hateful use
  • no derivatives
  • no redistribution
  • please credit author when used



  • He is made from metal and plastic. His human form shows slug-like behavior.