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Deerla's personality is quite like, well, a deer! Her softness doesn't just refer to her long brunette hair, or cute stubby tail; but also for the gentleness of her heart, sensitive as a young fawns in the headlights. But despite this, her sense of calm and tranquility, could very well send the warmest spring forest into a peaceful autumn.

There isn't much that she does over the passing seasons. A simple life for a simple girl, and she doesn't need anything more. She's the kind of person that, when asked about her hobbies and interests, say's there isn't much to say. She often puts herself down in this regard. Was she too plain?

Although her one hidden talent, not that she talks often about it, is drawing. Whether on paper, leaves, or carved into tree's, there will always be idea's bouncing around her head. Not that anyone would know this, of course.

Her relationship with her father is... interesting. Seeing as she is only a half deer girl, he figures she's human enough to go hunting with him. Even though she enjoys that bonding time spent with her father, it's absolutely horrible. Silently she sits by, watching him kill innocent and beautiful deer. Her family. She understands why human's do it, but she still gets sick to her stomach. What if she was a full deer? Would her dad have no problem with shooting her too?


  • She is a deer, if you couldn't tell by the antlers!
  • She has only one brother, but five sisters!
  • Surprisingly for a deer, her favourite food is mashed potatoes.
  • Out of all the Vocaloids, Hatsune Miku is still her favourite! Even if Miku's really popular, she doesn't care! ^^

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  • Flags: g-10Y20H20L5C50 (Makes her voice cuter in my opinion!)
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