Shizukana (しずかな) is an American voicebank, voiced by Bonnabelle ( with only the Japanese language at the moment. This is the first VB to be heard of Bonnabelle's and the VB is not available for download yet. She is being planned a release in late 2014. A sample of this utauloid's voice can be found here. The youtube channel Shizukana's covers will be uploaded on is SoftSounding. All art by Bonnabelle as well.

Shizukana's story starts when someone found her on her computer. Her original function was to serve as a


guide when the person using the computer needed help, but unfortunately, she was always too tired to do anything of the sort. so, she spent all her digital days fast asleep, quiet and never to be found. One day, however, someone named Bonnie was on the computer, looking around at her files. In her search, she found HELPERLOID.exe. She had never heard or seen of this "Helperloid" so she decided to run the program. A window popped up in her face, only to show a girl dressed in a brown jumpsuit with buttons, sleeping. Her articles of clothing seemed to resemble pajamas. Bonnie decided to click on her, and she didnt know what a aurprise she was about to get. The girl moved her arm up and smacked the mouse away from her face. Bonnie gasped and was a little frightened, but she decided to poke her with the mouse again. This went on for about three minutes, Bonnie poking the girl with the mouse, the girl smacking it away, but then Bonnie decided to look into the coding of the program to find out what this girl was really supposed to do. Bonnie learned that a simple sequence of clicks would wake the girl up, and have her come to Bonnie's assistance. So, Bonnie did the series of clicks and waited for the girls to wake up. The girls eyelids flickered, but she never woke up. Instead she started to sing, but very quietly. "Konnichiha~" She said. Ever since then Bonnie has been trying to befriend this strange program and in return the program sings.. Considering the girl spoke in Japanese, Bonnie decided to give her a Japanese nickname. Shizukana seemed to work quite well.

Bonnie has taken notes as follows: "According to my observations, the girl's profile seems to be... Age: 13..? ,Gender: Female , Height: 5'6 , Weight: ? , Item: ...Pillow.