Basic informations

Supplemental informations

Hair color: Broken white

Eye color: Aqua

Headgear: White with red "droplets", ending with Polish flag

Nationality: (Cap'n Obvious) Polish

Outfit: consists on white red-laced tank top, red cargo trousers with black stripes on sides, black vest and black slackers.

Voicebank information

Pola has a Japanese CV voicebank ACT 1.0, available to download. It's now in process of fixing oto.ini and adding both hiragana and katakana aliases, to become ACT 1.2.


Shirone is pretty hardworking and moody - she easily falls from happiness to complete breakdown and back. Strong and independent, Pola doesn't like to rely on others unless she really doesn't know how to help herself. She can get aggresive if somebody consequently disagrees with her. When out girl is singing, her tough side almost disappears. 


  • First UTAUloid from series of Globaloidst trying to gather voicebanks from around the world representing each country. They are NOT their personifications so rules in making appearance and personality are free.
  • Her English catchphrase is "It can as well go mucking", her eqiuvalent of "I don't care", but often used without much thinking. In Polish she'd rather say "Mnie to wali".
  • Her "boyish" nominal range comes from low note, on which she was recorded. Still sounds, in her creator's opinion, "like mellow queer", even more after adding g+ flags.
  • If you want to create her genderbent version, Shirochi Hokori, put on g+17 flag and move the notes two octaves lower. It should go around C2-C3. It produces nice hoarse, althought a bit robotic low voice.
  • Another gender flags fun - she sound really nice after adding g-15 flag.
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