Shiroku Musume (娘白く(むすめしろく)) is a voicebank for the UTAU program.


Shiroku originally was a recolor-fanloid of Hatsune Miku created by Mystycl in late 2011 as a joke. In summer of 2012, they made her into her own unique character through UTAU.


Shiroku is a pure-hearted, positive character. Even during the darkest of times, she does her best to stay positive and cheery, for the good of herself and those around her. She's even a bit of aloof because of it, as she often ignores the negatives instead of solving them. Her dream is to become an idol, not like in J-Pop or K-Pop, but like the Vocaloids and popular UTAUs.

  • Item - Yoyo and strawberry milk
  • Likes - Nature/sight-seeing, technology, video games, sweets
  • Dislikes - Insects, war/fighting/guns


  • Musume (娘) - Daughter
  • Shiroku (白く) - White, referencing her pure personality
  • 0756 - A combination of Mystycl's lucky numbers


  • Hair color - Cherry red, shoulder length pigtails
  • Eye color - Cherry red
  • Outfit - White, sleeveless crop-top with red trim on the top; UTAU tag on the left breast. Baby blue bracelets on both wrists. Black pleated skirt with red trimming; belt with a music-note buckle. White ankle-boots with red trimming and soles.

Voicebank distributions

Voicebank Reclist Range Description DL
Shiroku Musume ACT3 VCV

A3, D4,

G4, C5

Newest banks released

together as a bundle.

Shiroku Musume Korean ACT2 Unknown Unknown

Updated Korean bank

Shiroku Musume Zekkyou VCV

A3, D4,

G4, C5

Multipitch power bank. N/A
Shiroku Musume Korean ACT1 CV Unknown First Korean bank. Discontinued
Shiroku Musume ACT2 CV Unknown Updated Japanese CV Discontinued
Shiroku Musume ACT1 CV Unknown Initial Japanese CV Discontinued

Voice Details

  • Input - Kana encoded and kana aliased
  • System - Windows
  • Optimum - Genre: Pop and rock ; Range: Unknown ; Tempo: Unknown

Additional Information

Terms of Use

ALLOWED (with credit)

  • Fanart without permission
  • Original songs and covers
  • Shipping of any kind EXCEPT loli/shota/pedophilia or incest
  • Interaction with your UTAU or Fanloid
  • Genderbending and headcanons
  • Editing the oto.ini


  • NSFW fanart or fanfiction
  • Commercial use without written consent from mystycl
  • Again, pedo or incest shipping.
  • Redistributing, even with edits. Please release your edits on their own. Share the proper download if you wish to share.
  • Use for promoting hate of any kind. Sexism/racism/LGBTphobia,etc. It will not be tolerated
  • Making your own UTAU or Fanloid using her bank


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