Basic info

V3 Shiki Kio

Shiki Kio

First Name: Kio ( Written with: 器和 (Instrument Harmony))
Last Name: Shiki ( 式 )
Age: 14 (V3) (V1: 12, V2: 15 )

Birthday (Voicebank became downloadable): Jan 3, 2014
Gender: Male
Eyes: Grayish blue
Hair: Bluish black/Very dark petrol blue
Height: 170 cm (12: 158 cm)
Family: Big sister Sakuya

Cousins: Shiki Momoka, Saku Lehmus
Personality: Usually shy and calm (dandere), can be slightly yangire if you piss him off
Character items: Violin, Salmiakki

Creator/ Voice actor: Kiosa

Relationships: Kio has one-sided crush on Kiia Tokane but he's too shy to tell Kiia about his feelings.

Adult! Kio

I use this name about Kio when I make his voice "more mature" by using C3 octave instead of C4.


Age: 17 (so not actually an adult XD)

Height: 192 cm

Personality/backstory: Still very shy but has learn to "hide" his shyness. Because of this he (fake) smiles a lot. Sometimes he smiles when he's really nervous. Because carrying a lot of Kiia's stuff over few years, he has become physhically stronger. After hitting the pubery and becoming tall and handsome, he became fairly popular amongst the girls. But Kio is bad with girls showing affection towards him so he usually just runs away :´D Literally.


Version 1: voicebank is missing oto-file and might be missing one phone but it can be replaced this one other one that sounds basically the same. Sorry >___<)[1]

OTOED VERSION 1: by Cherii-pipa )

V2 Kio voicebank: Oto-file download: (Oto by Yukito Yuki)

Voicebank + Oto:

Use C3 octave to make him "Adult Kio". For normal Kio, use C4.

V3 Kio voicebank: (Oto by Yukito Yuki )

Stories of the Shiki family

Chapter 1: Shiki Kio

Kio introducing himself and the people close to him. Momoka is also being introduced by Kio.

Chapter 2: Koneko-chan

Neither Kio nor Momoka appear in this chapter


  • Kio and Sakuya names come from my pen name "Kiosa Kishi". Kio and Sakuya originally presented the two sides of my personality/identity so I divided my name to Kio and Sa. I also sometimes shorten "Kiosa" to "Kio". Sakuya on the other hand came from the nickname "Saku" that my sister gave to me. Shiki is Kishi's anagram.
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