Madori Shian (間取りシアン (まどりしあん)) is a voicebank for the UTAU program.

Production Process


  • The first Voicebank was created on 12/04/2020, but it can only be used once and then removed.
  • The next Voicebank is HONEYED (Sweet/Vivid type), created on 02/06/2020, as CV.
  • The most recently created Voicebank is SILENT (Whisper type), created on 23/08/2020, also a CV.
  • The new Voicebank, also the main Voicebank of Shian(now) is -BREAK-, created on 02/10/2020, it is CVVC.


[Coming soon…]


[Coming soon…]


  • Sexual orientation - Pansexual
  • Blood type - O
  • Favorite color - Cyan
  • Likes - Sweet foods (especially Macarons), soda, fruits
  • Dislikes - ???


  • Hair color - Deep sea green (#5e6c65) with blue and green gradient
  • Eye color - Gray


  • Headgear - Visor attached to his headphones, which can express his emotions
  • Earphones - White with a sky blue and green gradient
  • Outfit - The outfit looks like a uniform with belts and accessories, has a thin fabric covering half of the pants.


  • Outfit - Black hoodie with some small bags

Voicebank Distribution

Voicebanks Type Reclist Range Language DL
HONEYED Sweet/Vivid CV A3~C5 Japanese Unavailable
SILENT Whisper CV D#3~G4 Japanese Unavailable
-BREAK- Normal CVVC E3~G#4 Japanese Unavailable



+ Acchi Kocchi

+ Two Breaths Walking(Reloaded)

+ Shinde Shimau to wa Nasakenai! (Rin's part)

+ High Range Test

+ Kokoro

+ White Happy


+ The Disease Called Love (Rin's part)

+ Reboot (Samune Zimi's first part)

  • -BREAK-

+ Liar Dance

+ Pandemic

+ Sakura-Colored Time Capsule

[More VB's Info is in my Website]

Additional Information


  • His birthday is June 15.
  • Shian is friendly, sweet, funny and silly. He pretty a positive person and always tries to make people happy. He can make very “salty” jokes! He enjoys playing games, listening to music, and singing.

Terms of Use

  • If you want to use this character for R18/Violence/Gore/Horror/ect. content, please ask me first.
  • Commercial use of Voicebank/Character: Permission Required.
  • Genderbend, ship/pairing are allowed (But please don't tell it's canon).
  • Credit Narzum if you using this UTAU.
  • You can edit configuration files(like oto.ini...).


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