Setsuna Rin black

(Japanese: 凛 雪奈 - りん せつな -Rin Setsuna)
ALIAS: Setsuna Rin - ("Setsuna" meaning "moment", and "Rin" meaning "cold")
 Cold (cold (Rin) moment(Setsuna))
TYPE: UTAUloid / Jewelloid - ("Jewelloids" Are UTAUs made by NJAM, who is also known as tashaj4de)
MODEL: NJA-02 - ("NJA" is the author's first 3 initials, and the "J" also represents "Jewelloid", as the author's second name is a type of jewel. "02" is to signify it is the second UTAU tashaj4de made.)

Tasha Jade (Friend)

Taiji Fujisato (Cousin)

Shian (Classmate)

Aru (Classmate)

Kue (Acquiantance)

AGE 17 GENRE Unknown HOMEPAGE Jewelloids blogspot
WEIGHT Unknown CHARACTER ITEM Crocheted bracelet CREATOR tashaj4de (NJAM)
BIRTHDAY August 19 LIKES The color black and violet, asking cousin for help, crochet MEDIA LIST Youtube, Soundcloud
RELEASE DATE Not released DISLIKES When she fails to sing a song, when she gets shy around others, her being a crybaby SIGNATURE SONG NONE

PERSONALITY: Setsuna can be seen as the typical shy-type girl, and is normally not noticed. She is frightened easily and is highly dependent on other people, especially on her younger cousin (Taiji). She normally has a flustered expression on her face if you suddenly talk to her, but she's always willing to lend an ear to anyone who needs someone to talk to. She tends to just blurt out responses automatically if you ask her any question, and this sometimes lead to embarrassing situations. Despite all this, she tries to be her age and tries to be mature.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Red

Headgear: Black hairtie

Eye color: Blue

Earphones: White Earphones

Dress/Outfit: Pale sleeveless dress with the bottom half of the chest black, Dark Violet short jacket with a black stripe across its chest, long sleeves and an opening at the shoulders, brown cross/net patterned belt with a silver buckle, loose gray/white socks and brown diamond patterned slip-ons.

Character Item: Crocheted bracelet 

Others: Hair is usually in a side ponytail.

Nationality/Race: 3/4 Japanese and 1/4 Filipino

Voice Configuration

Her voicebank is still being tested out, but she really seems suited for slow songs so far.

Author needs to try covering songs that are faster for her.

Author has tried to type down her personality to suit her voice better.

Usage Clause

Do NOT claim her voicebank as yours.

Do NOT edit or redistribute her voicebank.

Do NOT use her commercially.

Please give proper credit to tashaj4de when using Setsuna Rin.

Please do not edit this wiki page without tashaj4de/NJAM's permission.  


Voice Range test (Old bank)

Derpy UTAU Conversation (Old bank)

Voice test (Old bank)

UTAU Demo Matryoshka

【6 UTAUカバー】Party X Party【Kotone Mio・KUE・Raku Shouto・Setsuna Rin・Shian・Tasha Jade】

Random conversation 3 (Author was playing around with the HANASU/Hanakago plugin at the time)

When UTAUs try to be spooky (Random UTAU convo 4)

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