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Ser0 is a voicebank for the UTAU program. She is the second character released from JAE VOCAL PROJECT.


During 2014, Purpled, Migi, TraInspud, and Mina Moonrise were working on their own UTAU projects. At the time, Purpled was working on an UTAU known as "Rachel". Rachel was capable of singing in Japanese and was recorded using Purpled's father's iPod. There were other concepts aside from her, but she was the first one taken up as a serious project as Purpled planned to release her.[1][2] Rachel was later scrapped. Instead, she worked on a new character and voicebank known as "Ser" or "Ser0". Ser0 was given an entirely different tone of voice and design. Purpled later notes that Rachel was the closest thing to being Ser0's predecessor.[3]

Through 2016, after the release of Xiao Meihua, production shifted focus to Ser0. Her and JD's productions were hinted to the public through Meihua's Facebook page on May 6, 2016.[4] After learning about English CVVC within UTAU, Purpled was inspired to create her own custom reclist. One of Purpled's focuses was the creation of something more compact and the desire to add less.[5] She aimed to make a small voicebank with multipitch and multitone capabilities so it wouldn't be taxing to the UTAU program. Ser0 is the first UTAU to use this reclist.[6] She initially had three different voicebanks before she was released with only one.[7] The final reclist was built for English, but also supported Spanish.

Ser0 was released on January 1, 2017. Afterwards, there was a desire to list the group's UTAUs under one name. On January 9, 2018, an official website was launched and listed Ser0 and Meihua under the JAE UTAU PROJECT. Ser0 was labeled as JAE-02 respectively. It was later confirmed that Ser0's initial voicebank was an incomplete product, but the results were something that Purpled was proud of.[8]

Ser0 was expected to receive DeepVocal voicebanks along with UTAU.[9] However, in February 2021, it was announced that Purpled departed from JAE VOCAL PROJECT, resulting in any development plans for Ser0 to be cancelled. This included her DeepVocal voicebank. Even though Ser0 would no longer be receiving any new voicebanks, she was still part of the group and she would still be promoted via songs and merchandise. Her voicebank was still made available.[10]


Ser0 is a mischievous character.


  • Gender: Female
  • Age: N/A
  • Height: N/A
  • Weight: N/A


  • Ser0 - A combination of "Ser" and 0". "∅" (null) can also be used in place of "0". The name is similar to the Spanish word "cero".
    • Ser - The Spanish word "to be"
    • 0 - "Zero"
  • Taking these definitions into consideration, her name can be interpreted as a play on for "to be zero" or "to be nothing".
  • She can also be referred to as just "Ser". In this case, her name can be interpreted as "to be" or "to exist".


  • Hair color - Black short hair with long side-swept bangs.
  • Eye color - Magenta.
  • Outfit - Ser0 wears a teal strapped dress with a light blue zigzagged pattern running down the front's middle. Rounded light half-circle patterns are found on the sides of the dress. Sharp darker frills flare out the bottom of the dress. She wears pantyhose along with teal ballet flats. A long sleeved black jacket is worn over her dress and its length stops about midway down her back. When closed, the top of her dress could still be seen. The collar of the jacket is buttoned around her neck.


Voice Configuration

Voicebank Reclist Range Description DL
English 1.0 CVVC A3, A4, C4 "Has a rich, deep timbre. It's recommended that the read.me file is referenced for better and easier use. Reclist and development by Purpled." Dropbox
Baidu Drive (Password: 9khp)

Voice details

  • Input -
  • System - Microsoft Windows
  • Optimum -
  • Details - Ser0 was designed to be an alto vocal with a rich, deep timbre. Although Purpled's reclist was designed for English, it also supports Spanish. The voicebank can also be manipulated into singing in Japanese.

Voice samples

Additional information

Character Terms Of Use

  1. Do not claim Ser0 or official artwork as your own.
  2. NSFW content is allowed. This does not apply to MMD models and other works from people who are not from the JAE VOCAL PROJECT group. Please follow the rules of the creators! If their works are not allowed to be used for NSFW content, then do not use them for NSFW content!
  3. Commercial use of her character is allowed even without permission.
  4. Shippings and pairings are allowed, but do not force as canon. Do not ship Ser0 with characters under the age of 18.
  5. Do not use Ser0's character for hate speech.
  6. Roleplay and ask blogs are allowed if permission from JAE VOCAL PROJECT is given. If permission is granted, the following must be adhered:
    • Must credit JAE VOCAL PROJECT and/or Purpled for character rights.
    • Must credit the appropriate artists if using official. Do not use art from non-members without their permission.
    • Cannot violate existing ToS (no shipping with minors, hate speech, etc).
    • For any questions, please contact JAE VOCAL PROJECT.

Voicebank Terms Of Use

  1. Do not claim Ser0's voicebanks as your own.
  2. NSFW content is allowed, but do not use the voicebank in songs portraying her in a relationship with those under the age of 18.
  3. Commercial use of her voicebank is allowed even without permission.
  4. Oto.ini editing is allowed.
  5. Do not edit Ser0's samples.
  6. Do not use Ser0's voicebanks for hate speech.


Official merchandise can be found on the JAE VOCAL PROJECT Storenvy and Redbubble.[11][12] Storenvy was later replaced with Ko-Fi due to technical difficulties.[13]

Third party works, such as an MMD model by OSformula[14] and a Lipsync model by PRISMkidd, have been made available.[15]

She has an official Mii provided by Migi on the JAE VOCAL PROJECT website.[16]


  • Ser0 has no official sexual orientation and can be paired with anyone as long as they are not under 18.
    • Despite that she has no official age, Ser0 is usually portrayed as an adult (at least 18 years old).
    • If Ser0 is portrayed under 18 years old, she cannot be shipped with adults. NSFW is not allowed in this case.


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