(Japanese: 籠のセイイチ - かごのせいいち - Kagono Seiichi)
籠の (Kagono; Caged)
セイイチ (Seiichi; Sincere one)
MODEL: 00θ (the Greek letter Theta, short for θάνατος (thanatos) which means death)
GENDER Male VOICE RANGE G#2-D#4 RELATED CHARACTERS Kiyoko Kagono (partner and secret love interest)
Maaya Tomine (Kiyoko and Seiichi are her guardian angels)
Masaru Onkyou (friend and roommate)
Tenshi Mizune (friend)
AGE Physical age is 15. Real age unknown GENRE Rock, Electronica HOMEPAGE NONE
WEIGHT Unknown CHARACTER ITEM Trench Knives and Baskets (Basket is the other meaning of the word kago) CREATOR Sacul097 (also known as aninterestinusername on Youtube)
HEIGHT About 5'7" (170 cm) VOICE SOURCE Sacul097 PICTURE LINK LIST Concept Art deviantART
BIRTHDAY June 24 LIKES Resting, Flying, and Kiyoko (although he'd never admit it) MEDIA LIST YouTube
RELEASE DATE June 24, 2010
DISLIKES Pain and working SIGNATURE SONG None as of yet
PERSONALITY: He tries to act really cool and collected and uncaring but he's really just a pushover. Kiyoko is constantly telling him to work harder and berating him for being lazy. However he secretly likes her but he doesn't want to tell her because he thinks that she hates him. So basically he's kuudere but he's not very good at it. Like Kiyoko, Seiichi enjoys helping others but his view of helping is different than her's. While she likes to help by doing things, he tries to provide constructive criticism. However, his constructive criticism isn't always, well, constructive. This, along with his kuudere personality, can make him seem unkind even though he means well.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Dark brown
Headgear: None
Eye color: Turquoise.
Earphones: None.
Dress: A black vest with a crossed collar, black shorts, black fingerless gloves, and black boots, all with yellow trim. The vest has a circular gold fastener with θ on it. His gloves have glowing yellow circles on the back of the hands that form into blades in combat. On his right shoulder, he has futuristic looking shoulder armor. His right shoulder also has a ruby embedded in it. He has a single black wing on his left side. He and Kiyoko share their power, so they must be connected via a magical golden chain on their ankles to use their angel forms.

Nationality/Race: Dark Angel.

Voice Configuration

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Both Act 1 voicebanks have kana and romaji support.

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