Name: Seki Sato (Lolicon Otaku)

Voice provider: Sama2tha

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Character item: lolipop and chainsaw

Birthday: October 1


She is the type of girl who likes going inside her closet and read manga.. yeah indeed she is a closet otaku.

She is a yandere a little bit of kuudere. 

Character Design

Hair color: Yellow with orange in the end.

Headgear: none.

Headphones: none.

Eyecolor: orange.

Clothing: A black dress with many ribbons. She had a dark blue cape.

Extra: She had a bandage on her left eye.

Nationality: Filipino


When she is 9 yrs old she was always bullied by the gang in her village, which leave her many scars. When she turned 11 she started to join singing contest assuming to win... buts he failed. She started to watch videos on youtube and fell inlove with Oliver (Vocaloid). She became a yandere after that... 


  • She wears a bandage because she was captured by a gang. She fighted back and accidenticaly stabbed in the left eye.
  • She likes sweets.
  • She liiiiiiiiiikes Oliver (vocaloid)
  • She hates singing to much.
  • She is a stalker.
  • She concider chainsaws as toys.

Voice Bank

Not yet released :(

Songs (Demo)



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