Saruna Yokomane (横間音アキュラ) is a member of the Yokomane Family.

It is a big family, with 18 members:

Irma Yokomane [横間音イルマ] (The Puppet in a Superhero's Suit) (1,000+) (Voicebank in progress)

Nikita Yokomane [ 横間音ニキタ ] (First Yokomane Created) (17) (Voicebank is done) (will get a V2 and a WHISPER append, NIGHT append, and a POWER append)

Kowakuyu Yokomane [ 横間音コワクユ ] (The Pervy Grandpa) (100) (Voicebank in progress)

Ibiko Yokomane [ 横間音イビコ ] (7) (Voicebank is done) (Will not get an updated Voicebank)

Ichipan Yokomane [ 横間音イチパン ] (21) (Voicebank is done) (Voicebank->pitch from Ibiko Yokomane) (Will not get an updated Voicebank)

Kabu Yokomane [ 横間音カブ ] (6 months old) (The Yokomane pet) (Voicebank is done)

1 Yokomane (Boy) [ 横間音イチ or 横間音1 ] 2 Yokomane (Girl) [ 横間音フタツ or 横間音2 ] (Both Are 14) (Both Voicebanks in progress) *These characters are twins*

Hakita Yokomane [ 横間音ジャォタ ] (15) (Voicebank is Done)

Akyura Yokomane [ 横間音アキュラ ] (24) (Voicebank is done) (V1 and V2 Done, Will get a V3 and Appends)

Matsuto Yokomane [ 横間音マツト ] (26) (Voicebank in Progress)

Avalon Yokomane [ 横間音アヴァロン ] (Voicebank in Progress)

Rikiru Yokomane [ 横間音リキル ] (Voicebank in Progress)

Yori Yokomane [ 横間音ヨリ ] (0) (Voicebank in Progress) (He is a Possesed Living Doll) *Male and Female Voice*

Saruna Yokomane [ 横間音サルナ ] (78) (Voicebank is Done) (Will get a V2)

Atenna Yokomane [ 横間音アテンナ ] (16) (Voicebank in Progress) 

Trixx Yokomane [ 横間音ツリクス ] (Voicebank in Progress) 

Proxima Yokomane [ 横間音プロクシマ ] (4.85 Gigayears) (Voicebank in Progress) 

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Saruna Yokomane Sketch-0
Gender: Female Age: 78 Sexuality:Straight

Voice Range: D#2~C#4

Related Characters: (see above) Function: Remote Starts Acura/Honda Vehicles
Genre: Soft songs/Wide Variety Homepage: NONE Relationships: She has been happily married to her husband Kowakuyu for 50 Years.
Weight: 84 kg / 185 lbs Character Item: Frying Pan Designer: Mikei-Y
Creators: Mikei-Y+Zekei-Y+Rikei-y Height: 5'4 ft Catch Phrase(s):

"What do you want for dinner?"

"Do you want a cup of tension tamer tea?

"Clean that up!"

"Are you Hungry yet"

"Baby you can't go to bed without eating"

Voice source: Marie Denz

Likes: Vacuuming (cleaning in general), Late night television, organizing her house.    

Dislikes: Old people that aren't as cool as her, homophobes.

PERSONALITY: Saruna sees herself as the cool grandma. She loves spending time with her grandson Akyura, as well as her granddaughter Nikita. Saruna loves to be up to date with technology and the new things that are happening, but loves telling stories and educating her grand kids about the things that went on back in the day! Saruna doesn't like to be inactive. Even though she's 78 years old, she still goes strong as she takes care of her lawn, goes out and does her errands and chores. She doesn't want to be the "stereotypical" grandma. Saruna is a supporter of her openly gay grandson Akyura..Don't pitchloid the voicebank please. Use it for everything you want.

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