風音 (Kazene) = Wind Sound

サムイ (Samui) = Cold

TYPE: Unloid
MODEL: K-01 - imprinted on their back (seen if they took off their shirt)
GENDER Genderless VOICE RANGE D#3 ~ B4 RELATIONSHIP Ao Neonne (fellow unloid) Sundara Fana (fellow unloid, probably their crush)

Atsui Fajro (fellow unloid)

AGE Around 11-14 GENRE Any HOMEPAGE None
WEIGHT 39 kg (89 lbs) CHARACTER ITEM Laptop CREATOR Rarang Kirana / Galuh Aruken
HEIGHT 149 cm (4"11 ft) VOICE SOURCE Rarang Kirana / Galuh Aruken PICTURE LINK LIST None for now
BIRTHDAY August 7 LIKES Pudding, anime, video games, ecchi, drawing, flowers. MEDIA LIST WIP
REALESE DATE May 17, 2016 DISLIKES Spider, suicidal person, arguments, yaoi and yuri. SIGNATURE SONG WIP
PERSONALITY: They may comes off as arrogant at first, but they actually not arrogant at all, besides they think they are 'good-for-nothing'. Usually regrets nothing, always felt left-out because no one understand them (except Sundara).


CV Voicebank (Ver.1.00): http://www.mediafire.com/file/cwrndgrfiyb8nvc/Kazene+Samui+Voicebank.rar

CV Voicebank (Update): http://www.mediafire.com/file/bdj2buqjafuohfw/Kazene+Samui+%28CV+UPDATE%29.zip

Supplemental Information

  • Hair Color: black
  • Headgear: none
  • Eye Color: dark brown
  • Headphones: none
  • Clothing:black shirt with white strip, cream shorts, black and red shoes, and black bracelet in their right hand.
  • Nationality/Race: Indonesia
  • Favorite Quotes: Shit, Goddamn, Anjing (It's literally means dog in Indonesian but Indonesian people usually use them for swearing)
  • Sexuality: Asexual
  • Race: Asshole It's impossible if they are a human


- Please don't ask author to sell the voicebank

- Credit author when using

- Don't claim as your own

- Don't use for racist.

- You could edit oto.ini file


-they have arachnophobia (fear with spider).

-their personality are based from author.

-they actually released at 2015 but author makes a mistake and don't know how to fix it, so the author released Samui at 2016. 

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