Appearance (OutDated)

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Samaki has two outfits; one for her V1 and another for her V2.


Blonde hair tied up in a side bun (left side) and a ponytail. Blue eyes. A light gray collar and a sleeveless shirt. The top of the shirt is heart-like shaped and has a yellow name tag on her left chest. Her sleeves consist of a black & white clip on both arms. A double-layered red skirt and a B&W belt also is included in her outfit. One sock on her left foot and black shoes with a single white stripe conclude her outfit.


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Slightly the same hairstyle as the previous version. Has headphones with a yellow crown with a red background imprinted on them. White collar with thin, see-through black piece connecting with the shirt. The shirt ends right underneath her ribs. Sides of shirt are red, whilst the middle is white with yellow tags on both sides. A B&W belt connects to the front bottom left of Samaki's shirt then connects to the back bottom right of her shirt. Black thin, see-through material connect the shirt with the red double layer skirt. Her sleeves are made from the same material of the pieces connecting to the collar & shirt/shirt & skirt. Long, white socks with a rectangular opening on the sides of socks and the same shoes from her V1 outfit conclude her outfit.

Voicebank Download

Please go to her Mediafire folder, her official website, or the official Keraloid site.

Possible Voicebanks

  • English
  • Korean
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