Visual description

Hair: Shoulder-length, red, her tips are darker.

Eye color: Honey

Accessory: Hairpins

Upper clothes: Black top with a red rhombus design, on the back it has a zipper.

Legs: red shorts, black knee socks with a red rhombus design and a pair of black and red boots.

Nail polish: Red

Nationality: Spanish / Japanese

Voice Configuration

Sakura's voice bank is encoded in Hiragana and romaji .

Sakura has phonemes like "ña" "rra" "tsa" "la" so she can sing perfectly in English and in Spanish (but with some limitations) . She can also sing fast songs without any problem.

Her voice bank was recorded with "Audacity".

You have to use the "g+15" flag to properly use Sakuo Fujiwara ( genderbend ).

Sakura has a Japanese CV (Act 2) and a VCV called Sakura Fujiwara 開花, she also has another VCV, SWEET.


  • She is bisexual.
  • Her hairpins change color depending on her emotional state.
  • She is scared of butterflies.
  • She has a strawberry birthmark.
  • Is scared of falling in love.



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