(Japanese: 氷音サビー- こおりねさびい - Koorine Sabii)
氷音 (Koorine; Ice sound)
サビー(Sabii; Savvy written in Katakana) - A variation of the voice sorce's name.
TYPE: 120loid (120network Vocaloid and Utau Line)
MODEL: 120-2 - imprinted on upper arm.
GENDER Female VOICE RANGE C4 - C5 RELATED CHARACTERS Kurisu Koorine (Fellow 120loid)
Fureddo Koorine (Fellow 120loid)
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WEIGHT '160 lbs (72.57 kg)' CHARACTER ITEM Purple Baseball Bat CREATOR 120network (Voice source also involved in production)

'5' 10" (177.80cm)'

VOICE SOURCE apatheticClarinetist PICTURE LINK LIST None
BIRTHDAY 9/25/1994 LIKES Cleanliness, releasing her anger, singing, eating, sleeping, math MEDIA LIST None
RELEASE DATE 9/25/2010 DISLIKES Dirty hands, lame jokes, loud noises, being kept waiting, Fureddo, idiots, people who fear her, forgetting things, people bringing up the past, people calling her by her real name SIGNATURE SONG None
PERSONALITY: Sabii is angry. Being angry is what she does. Angry and violent. She was sent to prison after being convicted of attempted murder when she beat a random guy nearly to death, but she doesn't really remember it actually happening. She does, however, vividly remember the sight of the blood on her hands. This triggered extreme germaphobia in her. She's constantly washing her hands and causing everyone who interacts with her to do the same. She was released from prison because she was making them bankrupt. She kept lashing out and sending people to the hospital. She was let out on parole and sent to work for Kurisu Koorine at 120 Inc. (Fictional Entertainment Company) as the new CFO. She took to the job quickly and found that singing was a good way to let out some steam, as opposed to beating people with her baseball bat. She also has a liking for math. The simple logic behind it has made her quite gifted with numbers, which made Kurisu put her in charge of finances. She's responsible for keeping track of the spending for insurance, seeing as she sends a fair amount of people to the ER. She finds herself unable to hurt Kurisu. She has gotten to the point of injuring him before, but her body seems to naturally reject the idea of inflicting bodily harm on him. Anytime she tries, it makes her freeze up. She stopped trying to hurt him shortly after she started working for him because he was kind to her. She hates it when people are afraid of her, and Kurisu's blartant apathy is something that she appreciates. He also cooks for her, as she can't do anything herself.

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Supplemental Information

Hair color: Black
Headgear: black and purple bows
Eye color: Brownish-Hazel
Clothing: Black - Purple
Nationality/Race: African-Asian American/Human
Favorite Phrase: English: "Sounds like a personal problem." Japanese: "個人的な問題のようですね。 Kojin-tekina mondai no yōdesu ne."

Usage Clause

  1. Do not utilize this voicebank and/or the character in the way that deviates from the usage given in the Readme.txt attached to this voicebank. No restriction is imposed on utilizing this voicebank for the voice synthesis programs other than UTAU as long as the notice referred to in the previous phrase is observed.
  2. The author does not hold any responsibility to incidents brought by the works using this voicebank and/or the character.
  3. Works using this voicebank and/or character which include vicious messages toward listeners and/or certain persons/parties are forbidden.
  4. Juridical person may utilize this voicebank and/or character for commercial purpose under the condition that the author is notified in advance.
  5. Redistribution of this voicebank is forbidden.

Any of these clauses can be overruled with special written and publicly announced permission from zinfandel-v (zin-v) / 120network.

Contact information

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