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地面から上昇, T'es Chantes!!! 




WIP or Complete? WIP |Japanese Voicebank Complete|

Gender: Female

Age and/or Debut Date: 16 (Hoping for the Demo to be released in Late July 2014)

Height: 2"7

Weight: 71 lbs

Character Item: Timbits *not shown*

Relationships: SIREN has relationships with other JIMENPRO members, most notably FYRE and ELECTRA

Brief Physical Description

SIREN's design is inspired by Ene from Kagerou Project and that SIREN is a cyber being who lives inside Jean Dessin's tablet. Though, it is unknown at this point how she met Jean. Her design is also tomboyish making the assumption that she prefers to hang out with the male UTAUs because they are more "cooler" to her. Her color scheme is that of the lakes of Montréal, Canada.


SIREN has a attitude most similar to the average CoD squeaker and that she's annoying and naive as fuck. Although that may be the case, she can make almost anybody laugh and has a soft spot for bullied or mentally scared children and adolescents. This means that despite her childish attitude, she's heartwarming and protective of ones she chooses to protect.


SIREN was human from the year 2246 but turned into a program and transferred into the present day in order to stop Jean's son, Caleb from committing suicide. SIREN was programmed to match Caleb's personality but still have her human attributes attached and Caleb's personality was that of an ordinary CoD squeaker. She would help Caleb with problems and talk to him constantly. While being with Caleb, she has gotten a liking for his games and even played with him once when Caleb wanting to try trolling.

SIREN was once a human named Shizuka Inoue who could speak both Japanese and English fluently and was learning French at the time of her descent. Shizuka was home-schooled and was training to be an idol with a record company. However, Shizuka loved to game, especially shooters and would do so between her schoolwork and idol lessons. She once heard of the mysterious CD online from her boyfriend in Toronto saying it was cursed by some unknown evil to turn everyone into robots. Shizuka laughed it off thinking it was a joke. Unfortunately for her though, she's found out the truth too late and didn't realize it until she was turned into a cyber being.

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