(Japanese: SHIZUKA - しずか - SHIZUKA)



MODEL: 0.1.5 (On his chest)

GENDER Male VOICE RANGE C3-C4 RELATED CHARACTERS Chikka Torreliza (Afraid of/Friends)

Kireii Koe (Fellow Astraloid/ Likes/ Family)

Ren Megumi (Fellow Astraloid/ Likes/ Friend)

Rena Megumi (Fellow Astraloid/ Friends/ Teases her sometimes)

KOKORO(Fellow Astraloid/ Sister)

SPADE (Fellow Astraloid/ Frenemy)

ASTRAL (Fellow Astraloid/Doesn't like too much)

AGE Looks 19 but real age unknown GENRE Ballad/Soft/Slow HOMEPAGE Doesn't have one yet
WEIGHT 167 Ibs CHARACTER ITEM Four leaf clover/ Scarf CREATOR / Voice provider Astrallights / Astrallights~ / 1astrallights1
HEIGHT / MEASUREMENTS 6'0/182cm Race Demon/English & Belgian PICTURE LINK LIST DeviantArt
BIRTHDAY March 2 LIKES Mama, His scarf, His friends/Family (Rena, Ren and Kireii), Takoyaki, Taiyaki MEDIA LIST (Will add later)
RELEASE DATE 2 March, 2014( before finalized design/character) DISLIKES Being alone, Being Ignored, When Ren and Kireii get mad at him SIGNATURE SONGS Odds and Ends / Kokoro
PERSONALITY: He is a really nice guy but doesn't like it when people pick on his friends; it can turn quite nasty if he sees someone picking on his friends. He tends to get jealous of Rena and Spade, sometimes, as they get attention from their fellow ASTRALOIDS. That is why he tends to tease Rena. He tends to get scared a lot, since when they were little Kireii used to frequently burn their house down with her cooking.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Blonde hair.
Headgear: Black upside down angel wing.
Eye color: Forest green.
Earphones: One ear phone under the wing.
Clothes: He wears a Green scarf with a Black tank under and Black skinny jeans he also has a scarf tied around his waste. He also has black boots with Yellow rims and two arm warmers with Yellow tip..
Nationality/Race: English & Belgian/Demon
Favorite phrase: "Ren-chan come too me.."


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