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2017 - Kitty Kurai

His personality is described as being somewhat two-faced. He never likes to be wrong, and will show off just to appear right. He can be competitive and brash at times. SCREAM is also rather pessimistic, having a "bad attitude" and reluctantly participating in activities. However, truly he is very insecure and puts up a face to hide how timid he really is.

Voicebank Information

Generally uses Moresampler, but can also use default. There is no defined resampler.

SCREAM is typically pitched down by one octave using the [t-1200] flag, and also uses [g+3], but is not mandatory.

Voicebank History

  • CV - SCREAM 1.0 (Incomplete and discarded.)
  • VCV - SCREAM 2.0: Standard VCV - DL [1]

Trivial Information

  • SCREAM is the third Rakudailoid to be developed. He was the last of the original three, and was never discarded.
  • SCREAM bears the "M03" model number of the OBSCURALOID series.
  • He had two failed CV bank attempts before his VCV.
  • His name and design were inspired by figures such as Kai Kim and 2ne1's "Scream". (He was inspired- his real concept was derived from another character named "Caution".)
  • SCREAM was created in 2015 to replace an UTAU by the name of LIGHTS.
  • He was noted as "incredibly difficult to design" by Kitty Kurai in 2015.

Character Trivia

  • SCREAM spends a lot of time showing off to impress his friends.
  • He is most insecure of all about his forehead, ever since he was a child.
  • He has a twin sister named VERSYS.
  • (Because he seemed to replace him) SCREAM has a strong hatred for RYATALOID M.

Usage Clause

  • DO NOT: Claim this work as your own, humiliate the character, or fail to write his name properly.
  • YOU CAN: Use without permission: His banks, create fanart, roleplay and shippings. Nothing is official without his creator's consent.
  • R-18 content is allowed but not encouraged.
  • Please write his name in western order, with all capitals. (SCREAM)


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