SAiFA (サイファ) is a voicebank for the UTAU program.


SAiFA was announced on October 10th 2018 as UTAU voicebank named Saifa Jun. Later she was frozen as a project and later, in the middle of 2019, work on her was continued.


She is android. SAiFA appears to be calm and serious most of the time, but she also likes happiness and to joke around too. She is very curious and likes people very much, even if she doesn't know much about them, because of that she is very naive.

  • Item - Plush penguin
  • Likes - Rain, glasses, cats and penguins (she thinks they're really cute)
  • Dislikes - Insects, broken details, overheating


  • SAiFA (サイファ) - 'cypher'
  • Jun (洵) - 'truth', part of her old name (Saifa Jun), not used anymore.
  • ΛLTΛ - Group of two people in the beginning, now with only one active person in it. 'ΛL' was for one creator's utaus, 'TΛ' for another's.
  • 00 - Group's first UTAU was labeled as 01, there was a reboot and because SAiFA and Eve were the last to be created, both of them were labeled 00.


  • Hair color - Blue - black, which gradually turns into lilac. Hairstyle similiar to Iroha Nekomura hairstyle.
  • Headgear - None.
  • Eye color - Always BSOD blue.
  • Earphones - Shiny jet black in-ear monitors. Also a silver earring, with audio connector and highlights (which color is changing depending on what voicebank she uses) in order to tell if SAiFA on or not.
  • Outfit - Half white, half dark sweater with a highlight (also color changing) in form of her number, which is half tucked into the pants, harness. Loose pants with one belt on her right leg and one belt with a highlight (also color changing) fastened behind her back, which looks like her 'tail'.


  • Eve Eden - fellow ΛLTΛ product, friend.

Voicebank distribution

Note: it's better to contact SAiFA's owner for getting any of these voicebanks.

Voicebank Reclist Range Description DL
Touch or T for short JP VCV D3 ~ C#5 "Default, normal sounding voice. 4-pitch, one more TBA. Unreleased." n/a
Serendipity or S for short JP VCV F3 ~ F#5 "Soft sounding voice. 3-pitch, one more TBA in the next update."
Youth or Y for short JP VCV F#3 ~ B4 "Childish sounding voice. Only one pitch is recorded. Unreleased." n/a
Limit or L for short JP VCV n/a "Husky, hoarse sounding voice. Needs to be re-recorded. Unreleased." n/a
CVC RUS RUS Heiden.BZR's CVC G3 ~ C5 "Russian voicebank.1 pitch, two more TBA. Unreleased." n/a
CV JP CV G3 ~ C5 "Default voice. 2-pitch. Unreleased." n/a

Voice details

  • Input - hiragana encoded and hiragana aliased
  • System - Microsoft Windows

Voice samples

All the samples are on the official site.

Additional information

Terms of Use

All the provisions below shall be applied to the voicebank, SAiFA.

  • R-18 Content Allowed? Forbidden.
  • Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Forbidden .
  • Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Forbidden.
  • Derivative characters/voices Allowed? Forbidden.
  • Creating materials containing any form of hate speech (racism, etc.) or songs that have political or religious theme is forbidden.


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