SAKAROU (サカロゥ) is a voicebank for the UTAU program.


SAKAROU is a short, almost too thin boy with blonde hair and blue eyes. Some of his hair is pulled back by a cherry blossom hair clip. He wears an orange-yellow short-sleeved shirt with a cherry blossom decal on the front and high waisted brown shorts with suspenders. He has straps of fabric on his legs that are the same color as his shorts and pink socks. His shoes are tennis shoes in the same color as his shorts. A lot of this is masked by the fact that he is almost always covered in blood.

He also has pink flowers growing along the left side of his body (right if you're looking at him straight on).

He typically also carries a chef's knife with him in one of his back pockets.


Note: Even though his personality is official, you are allowed to interpret it however you want.

SAKAROU is very mischevious and sly, oftentimes pranking his friends. He's also supposed to be annoying. He tends to lie over little things, like if he brushed his teeth or brushed his hair. SAKAROU also tends to laugh at people instead of with them, but overall is relatively nice. He is interpreted as a Yandere amongst his creators.


SAKAROU Act 1: here

SAKAROU 2.0 (RECOMMENDED): here (NOTE: - pu, u pu, and u pi are all mispronounced.)

SAKAROU Soft Append: here

SAKAROU Engish (Arpasing): here


  • He is the official mascot of Kura INC.
  • He is labeled 'the most coherent bank' that Cherkura has ever made.
  • He was the first Kura INC UTAU to get their own original song.
  • His character items are kitchen knives and matcha candies.
  • He owns and drives a pink military tank.
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