(Japanese: 流音ルンナ - ながれねるんな - Nagarene Runna)

流音 (Nagarene; Flowing Sound)
ルンナ(Runna) - not meaning anything spesific.

TYPE: LT-loid - (she is the first UTAU as a tribute to Luka Megurine)
MODEL: L01 - (the first Luka Attribute product)
GENDER Female VOICE RANGE C4-C6 (Best around C#4) RELATED CHARACTERS Luka Megurine (The reason she is made as a tribute)
AGE 20 GENRE ANY HOMEPAGE Tribute Loids' blog (a blog to have newest updates about Runna and Sanku.)
WEIGHT 106 lbs (48 kg) CHARACTER ITEM a whip (because of her nature, she fits the most bringing this around.) CREATOR Rikaga
BIRTHDAY December 15, 1989 LIKES Luka Megurine, if people are doing what she tell them to, etc. (Luka Megurine is the reason why she sing.) MEDIA LIST NICO NICO DOUGA, YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE UNKNOWN DISLIKES bugs and copycats (she is scared of bugs, especially cockroach. copycats because she have seen her friend being copied. ) SIGNATURE SONG NONE
PERSONALITY: Runna is a Tribute Loid made for a tribute to Luka Megurine, which she also idolize the most. she is also known as a leader for her academy's marching band course (which would explain why she brought a whip/ a rod stick sometimes). she likes to eat sushi, and her favorite color is pink. but she's not girly at all. many male students who also study in the academy fell for her charm, but she ignore them cruelly. she is not yandere, however. she had a tsundere side she didn't show so much, because she wants people to see her as a strong, and capable leader. it is also noted that she has a phobia to dark places, making it possible for her to punch anyone who surprised her when she is in that state.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Pink
Headgear: None
Eye color: Purple
Earphones: None.
Dress: she wears a somewhat Chinese dress combined with a shoulder pad and a triangle motive belt. she also wear a knee length leather boots. see concept art for more details.

Nationality/Race: Japanese.

Voice Configuration

Her Voicebank is ready and is available on this link HERE. encoded in hiragana with romaji as alias. oto.ini file have also been set up.

Her voice sounds husky, yet feminine. (also despite her as a tribute to Luka Megurine.) she is encoded in hiragana, but also had romaji as an alias, too. the filesize aren't too big, it's around 5 mb. author didn't include wav.frq file so users who downloaded won't get to hear a robotic voice (most voicebanks already had wav.frq files with them but if the wav.frq is used so many times, it will also becoming robotic.)

she only sing in Japanese!

Message From The Author

Runna is a shape of my fangirlism to Luka-sama! her voice made me fangasm 8D =A= so I made Runna by trying to make a mature voice but looks like I failed TT_TT

well, feel free to use her! I would love to hear it :D

and don't try to judge me by saying she's a Luka ripoff =A= this is my form of appreciation to Luka's perfect voice =A=

I'm sorry if the blog has to be one with other RikaLoids! =A= I just don't have the breath to make a new blog and had to log in and log out to two blogs in a fast time! =A=

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