About Rumi:

Rumi Otatsu Rose Artwork-0
Age: 18

Height: 5.4 (5.6 with boots)

Release Date/Anniversary: March 19, 2017

Voicer: Akkitsune89/Akki

Creator: Akkitsune89/Akki

Fun Facts:

Rumi is sassy to say atleast.

She is obssesed with shopping and doing mechanic work at her work.

Her favorite color is blue thought she loves wear practically every color.

Her name actually means "Pretty table", which is fun because I choosed the name without actually searching for its meaning.



Basic Information: This is a monopitch voicebank released on March 19, 2017. Easy to get decent results, pretty choppy and squeaky.

Voice Demo:

Download Link:

VCV -Rose-

Basic Information: This is a Bipitch voicebank released on March 19, 2018. Not for begginers if good results are intended, have growls around her files mostly in her D4 pitch.

Voice Demo:

Download Link:


-DO NOT Claim neither her art or VB as yours and always credit Akkitsune89 when using her or using her artwork.

-NO Rude, R18 or political use, please!

-NO Commercial use is autorized.

~More Info coming soon~

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