Supplemental information

Hair color: Red-orange tied into two long braids.

Headgear: None

Eye color: Bluish green

Headphones: None

Outfit: Purple shirt with a pattern consisting of turquoise triangles and bright turquoise onesie underneath. See concept art for details

Nationality/Race: nationality not clearly defined, Caucasian


Rose Mae sees herself as independent and creative. She's very stubborn and vulnerable to criticism, to which she can react pretty much over the top. She has a tendency to fall into daydreaming at the least appropriate moments possible. Rose starts a lot of projects, majority of which she never finishes due to her chaotic approach and short-lived enthusiasm. Physical activities are her way of coping with lots of excess energy.

Voice configuration:

Download: HERE


Recommended resamplers: resampler.dll, TIPS and Moresampler. 

A light, rather powerful voice designed for singing in Japanese, although some additional samples are provided. Coded in Hiragana.


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