Sōon Roko (騒音ロコ || そうおん・ろこ) is a Argentinian UTAU owned by Text to Death.


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Roko's species is a Mixture of a Human, Zebra and Wolf.


  • 騒音 (Souon) - Noise


  • A young bad-tempered man, clumsy and quite rude. Despite his personality, he may well become the best friend you ever had. His main values are his loyalty and trust in others. For that reason it is very difficult he could forgive somebody for having betrayed him.


  • Choripán


  • Quince and Tomato


  • Hair Colour - Blue
  • Fur Colour - Blue, White and Black Zebra Stripes
  • Eye Colour - Red with Spirials
  • Outfit - He has several; but mostly a Black Tanktop, Blue Jeans and Browns Shoes


Voicebank Information



Product Information
  Range: C2~B5  Tempo: 70~200
  Input: Hiragana & Romaji Aliases  Vowels: VCV  System: Windows & Mac OS
Package details as noted:

A 7-pitch VCV that is suppose to be V-Kei styled

  • Core: A2, D3, G3, C4, F4, B4, D5
  • Soft: D3, G3, C4
  • Whisper: G2, A2,
  • Falsetto: A4 (CVVC)
  • Extras: LowVocals (F#2), VocalFry, Growl
Downloads as noted:
Voicebank sample

Terms of Use


  • Do not pitch up, or down his samples to create an alternative character / derivative.
  • Do not claim, or take credit for, any part of this voicebank.
  • Feel free to edit samples for qualities sake, but do not distribute any edits.
  • Please spread a positive message with this voicebank, nothing hateful, mean, or controversial.


  • Do not edit his design to make him another character.
  • Do not take credit for Roko as a character, or coming up with a design.
  • Do not roleplay as Roko ever.
  • Feel free to alter his design for certain songs, but do not claim it as official.
  • Please only use Roko's voice when portraying his character.
  • When using an official fullbody, please credit the respective artist.


  • Fanart is allowed, and greatly appreciated!
  • R-18 is allowed, but stay clear of harmful, or problematic themes.
  • Ship art is also allowed, but please do not claim any ship as canon unless we talk about it.

Commercial Use

  • Commercial use is allowed, but only with permission first.


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