Supplimental Information

Colors: Orange (ginger hair/red hair) , dark orange (pants), and navy blue (shirt)

Eye color: blue

Nationality/Race: Caucasian (American), can speak English and Japanese

Mother is from America, father is from Japan.

Usage Clause


Usage must follow the terms set by UTAU's Creator, Ameya/AmeyaP

No Claiming this voicebank as your own, or claiming to be it's creator.

The creator holds no responsibility if incidents occur.

Voicebank Usage

Persmission is not required for banks to be used.

Showing the creator is not required, but appreciated.

No using the banks under a different name to the name of the voicebank, claiming the bank as someone else etc

No modification of the voice samples. 

Pitchloids are forbidden

Do not use the samples in the voicebanks for another UTAULOID's voicebank.

Modification of the OTO.ini file is ok for personal use. Contact the creator for any major issues.

Commercial usage requires the creator's permission


Roleplay of the UTAU characters is discouraged, but not forbidden. Please avoid roleplaying out of character.

The Creator maintains the right to ask roleplayers to stop.

Creative works featuring the UTAU (Such as Fanfiction/Games/Song covers/Comics/Fanart/other) can derive from set personality if it's appropriate.

Voice Configuration:

RitsumuSUNSET (VCV tripitch): ☀

Release video:

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