(Japanese: 浪音リク - なみねりく - Namine Riku)
浪音 (Namine; Wave sound) - In this case, Sea waves
Not to be confused with Namine Ritsu, He uses different kanji.
TYPE: Rikuloids
MODEL: R-00 (Imprinted at his choker)
AGE 14 GENRE Unknown HOMEPAGE You can Check Out the owner's DeviantArt
WEIGHT 101.41 lbs (46 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Chocolate Cake CREATOR hikarimaeda
HEIGHT 5'2.3" feet (159 cm) VOICE SOURCE hikarimaeda (Real Name: Sara) PICTURE LINK LIST CONCEPT ART, Author's Gallery
BIRTHDAY March 21, 1996 LIKES Chocolates, martial arts, Video games, Hikari. MEDIA LIST YouTube
RELEASE DATE November 3, 2010 DISLIKES Being mistaken for a girl; may vary depending on mood... He even can hate chocolates! SIGNATURE SONG Hika Riku ☆ Super Fever Night
PERSONALITIES: Sometimes hot headed, mature and calm. Can't keep his cool when he's around Hikari who might do something... to him. (ex: A prank or something). He's long hair often cause him troubles, like being mistaken as a girl. He hates it when he's mistaken as a girl, and will always yell "I'm a guy! Are you blind?!" To those who called him a girl. Hikari often teased him by calling him shota. He also grew tired of Hikari's unawareness of his feelings and Hikari's innocence. Sometimes, may not act of someone his age, but sometimes he acts just like he's a spoiled brat. Nobody can say much about him, since his mood swings so fast. One minute he's happy and the following he's angry.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Blue
Headgear: White headphones, each side shining bright yellow.
Eye color: Blue
Dress: serafuku and shorts, he also wears boots.
Nationality/Race: Indonesian/Japanese

Fun Facts

- Loves Hikari incestuously, but Hikari never realized.
- Dislikes those who mistook him as a girl
- He also have fanboys in the author's Real life. ^^a

Relations with Other UTAUs.

Satsuki Kagene (Please note that this is has been discussed by the authors) : A rather shounen ai relationship between the two. Started because of Kamirei and Hikari teased him, telling him that he's a girl and should pair up with Satsuki instead (so Kamirei can get closer to Himeka). Is in love hate relationship. Riku is depicted as the Tsundere (uke) type.

Kamirei : He dislike her quite a bit, but never really hated her since she's one of Hikari's close friend.

VB Download!

The Namine twins' blog has been abandoned, and will no longer use that blog. But their VB are still downloadable, and comes in pack.

Namine Hikari - Riku ACT 1

Namine Riku Append Calm

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