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Abbreviation of creator's surname 'Rhodes'


MODEL: 1204 - To represent his and his creator's birthday

GENDER Considered androgynous/gender fluid, although reffered to as he/him VOICE RANGE Unknown RELATED CHARACTERS Ema Schopenhauer - friend/ singing partner

Namine Ritsu - Idol

AGE Late teen to early twenties; it has never been specified GENRE Pop Music HOMEPAGE Unknown
WEIGHT 140 lbs (63.5 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Grey bucket CREATOR PuppyRhodes
BIRTHDAY April 12th LIKES Sleep, rainy days, pancakes, video games, movie marathons MEDIA LIST Unknown
RELEASE DATE Unknown DISLIKES Unecassary drama, maths, spiders, spicy foods SIGNATURE SONGS Unknown
PERSONALITY: He's a very laid back individual, who doesn't stress if he doesn't have to. Sometimes he can be a little lazy, but if he wants to do something, he'll do it, and to the best of his abilities. He's embarrassingly awkward if he doesn't know you, but once he does, he's great to hang with. He can have a short attention span at times and spends a lot of time day dreaming, even though he tries hard to pay attention. He sometimes makes a fool of himself, but always manages to laugh about it afterwards. He also has an occasional stutter, and often trips over or confuses his words, and does not  like speaking in front of large groups of people.

Supplement Information

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Hair colour - Dirty blonde

Headgear - None

Eye colour - Steely grey

Headphones - Single black earpiece with microphone, hooked over left ear, with bright green illuminations

Dress - Light grey, cropped hoodie with tails which he always wears undone. He wears a black crop top underneath. Long black arm-warmers, black trousers and smart looking shoes. A long green brace hung down his left side and a pouch fastened around his right leg. All with green lining. 

Nationality - English  

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