Rene Raizel (ライゼル レネ) is a voicebank for the UTAU software. He was first released on April 8, 2017.



  • René (レネ) - reborn, born again
  • Raizel (ライゼル) - related to the Hebrew word for "rose"

His name officially translates to "Reborn Rose."


  • Hair color: Gray (with red bangs in the front)
  • Eye color: Light brown
  • Accessories: Plain black choker around his neck.
  • Outfit: A light gray loose tee-shirt with a deep V-neck (lined with red), red stripes on the sides, red "hoodie strings" on the front and cropped to expose his navel, a black leather jacket with the collar open, a thick gray belt with a large silver buckle in the middle, black pants, and gray knee-length boots with black laces going up the length and a red sole/toe.
  • Other features: Has a black printed "M05" on his left shoulder and black fingernails (always). He also has a beauty mark under his right eye. His eyebrows are intended to be noticeably heavy.



Rene is an orphan who secretly boarded a private jet headed for Japan to escape the streets. He met RYATALOID M in the city after he landed and became roommates with him.


Described as very brash. He often speaks with foul words and generally has little care for the consequences of doing as such. Enjoys things that he finds "cool", such as certain fashion trends, using social media, and creating spray paint graffiti. However, he has a short temper and becomes angry when he feels belittled. Despite all of this, he is a stubborn and hard worker with a surprisingly honest point of view.

In the past he was described as exceedingly aggressive, but he has since mellowed out some.

Voicebank History

Current Releases

Voicebank | Format | Description | Release | DL
ADONIS || VCV || Rene's standard tripitch voicebank. || 3/24/18 || Dropbox
VCV2 || VCV || Rene's original standard VCV voicebank. || 8/15/17 || Dropbox
English || VCCV || Rene's standard English voicebank. || TBD
CHADASHA || VCV || 6-pitch, standard multiexpression beta. || TBD
  • Average range: C3 ~ F4
  • Configuration (JP voicebanks): Hiragana file names, hiragana aliases.
  • System: Microsoft Windows 10
  • Average flags: g3
  • Setting: He can be used at any range.

Release History 

Voicebank | Format | Description | Release Date
CV V1 || CV || Rene's original standard voicebank. || 4/8/17
CV Act 2 || CV || An updated original standard voicebank. || 4/8/17
Sweet || CV || CV Sweet append. Brighter, cute tone. || 8/16/17
English || Arpasing || Standard Arpasing English voicebank. Was in beta. || N/A

 Usage Clause

  • R-18 content is allowed, but not encouraged.
  • Commercial use is prohibited.
  • Hate speech / slander is prohibited.

Rene's voicebanks are free to use, and are encouraged. Please do not abuse this right.

His concept and personality are optional considerations when using him. They exist solely for entertainment.

Voicebank and character belong to ayatonic.

Trivial Information

  • Rene is genderless, but presents as male by default.
  • His voice is intended to be strictly androgynous.
  • Rene's name has an accent, but is rarely written. (René)
  • His birthday is on March 24th.
  • His character items are recognized as the Red Rose, and a Ribeye steak.
  • His official nationality is Israeli/Japanese.
  • His favorite energy drink is Monster.

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