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(Japanese: 変わった音レック - かわったねれっく - Kawattane Rekku)
変わった音(Kawattane; Unusual/Different sound) - Refers to the somewhat uncommon depth and style to her voice
レック (Rekku) - A variation of her creator's preferred name, Rickee. At first it was Rekki, then was later changed to Rekku.
TYPE: RDloid
MODEL: RD-05 - Appears on the outside of her left knee
GENDER Female VOICE RANGE F3-D4 RELATED CHARACTERS Ren Kawattane (male counterpart through pitch manipulation)
WEIGHT 132 lbs (59.87 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Bunny head plushie, big chocolate muffin CREATOR MitzukiHansaki
HEIGHT / MEASUREMENTS 5'5" ft (165.1 cm) with heels; 5'2" feet (157.48) without heels. VOICE SOURCE Rickee Dee PICTURE LINK LIST OFFICIAL ART
BIRTHDAY November 5, 1994 LIKES Rabbits, chocolate, muffins, being lazy, eating, British accents, being feared by people MEDIA LIST YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE February 7, 2010 DISLIKES Cupcakes, sickeningly nice people, being thought of as weird SIGNATURE SONG None
PERSONALITY: Rekku is a generally nice person, until aggravated. Due to prior events, she tends to lean towards a violent side of herself whether there is a reason or not. She is seen as rather eccentric at times and she does this thing that she calls "The Link" (yea I dunno).It's just this thing where she thinks of one thing, which links to another thing, which links to something else that leads to another thing etc; and the end result ends up looking totally unrelated to the original thing. She can be a real wise ass and is painfully sarcastic. Rekku also loves debating about things she hasn't got a clue about, and making people believe the nonsense she spews out. She also hates people who mistake her love of muffins for a love of cupcakes. She despises cupcakes. She thinks cupcakes are spinless little horrors who don't deserve to see the inside of her mouth. Don't ever mistake a muffin for a cupcake infront of her. She won't mind as much if someone mistakes a cupcake for a muffin, but not the other way around. No, just no.

Character Design

Hair color: Brown with red streaks
Eye color: Pink
Headgear:Oddly shaped white and navy blue headset with pink accents over her left ear with a rabbit head attatchment.
Dress: Long, white form-fitting barrel top with navy blue buttons (it opens at the bottom), dark navy blue shorts, navy blue wide and oversized detached turtleneck, navy blue arm-warmers and dark navy blue fingerless gloves.
Feet: She has white and navy blue sneaker heels with pink straps
Nationality: Irish-Japanese

Voice Configuration

Rekku's ACT3 is complete and can be downloaded here

Rekku's ACT1 voicebank is written in Kana which parses Romaji.

The current version of Rekku's voicebank in circulation is her ACT 1 which has all the FRQ and OTO files completed with a few consonant sounds.

Rekku's ACT2 is strictly her revamped Japanese voicebank. Her ACT2 will not be released to the public as Rekku's creator is not completely satisfied with it's quality.

Rekku's ACT3 voicebank is written in Romaji which parses Kana.

ACT4 is the Triphonic Voicebank Extension Pack and the OTO files are currently in the making.

ACT5 is planned to be a standalone English Voicebank

Her Creator's Youtube page also contains Rekku's ACT 1 and ACT 3 voice banks

Alternate Voices

By adding the flag g+17 to Rekku's voicebank, it produces her male counterpart "Kawattane Ren".

Certified true and correct from Rekku's creator, MitzukiHanasaki. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.