Reicheru Nintone (にんとね れいちぇる; Nintone Reicheru) is a voicebank for the UTAU program.


Reicheru Nintone was released on October 4, 2011 as a CV voicebank under the name "Reicheru Hoshikone". She later received a 2.0 CV update and a VCV 1.0 voicebank. At this point, she was renamed as "Reicheru Nintone". For these voicebanks, she was voiced by Kirrin.

In late 2018, Reicheru received a brand new voicebank known as "Reicheru Nintone Switch". This voicebank was confirmed to be voiced by StarGamer01, the manager and creator of Reicheru herself. This was the first time StarGamer01 voiced an UTAU and future voicebanks for Reicheru sample from her.

On September 5, 2019, a teaser for her updated design was revealed along with the announcement of her newest voicebank: Ultimate.[1] On October 5, 2019, it was announced that Reicheru would be receiving an English voicebank. This is expected to release later that year in the winter season.[2]


It should be noted that the character traits are not strictly limited to the creator's ideas. Free interpretations are encouraged.

According to the official website, Reicheru Nintone was designed to reflect StarGamer01's love for video games (especially Nintendo). She is outgoing and amiable, but may sometimes be seen as obnoxious. She has a strong love for video games to the point that her career basically revolves around it. While others may note this as an "unhealthy video game addiction", she sees it as a "very passionate hobby".

In the of her Switch voicebank, it was noted that during tough times, Reicheru turns to playing video games to feel better.

In 2019, her profile was updated. It was noted that she is optimistic and enjoys relaxing on rainy days. Her most prominent trait is her easygoing and bright demeanor. She has a very strong passion for Nintendo and has a wide array of merchandise and knowledge of the franchise. This is what had inspired her to sing in the first place.

She has special powers that are based on Nintendo's "EarthBound", but unlike the protagonists, she uses them for more mundane tasks. This ranges from flying rather than walking, picking up faraway objects, or using her powers for visual appeal.

Her hair has the ability to respond to her emotions. Under high stress, it may glow and float.[3] In addition, depending on her state and environment, her psychic abilities would change her physical state. The irises of her eyes can change shape.[4]

Likes: Nintendo (in general), bubble baths, severe weather, Jazz, tea

Dislikes: Exercise, long periods of silence, mathematics, pickles


  • れいちぇる - Reicheru; Derives from "Rachel" written in Japanese.
  • にんとね - Nintone; A pun on Nintendo.


  • Hair color - Short dark blue hair. Older concepts featured her with pigtails and an ahoge. The pigtails are now considered to be her hair extensions.[5] Can float and glow depending on her emotions and stress levels.
  • Headgear - A white headband with a bow at the right side's end. Located on the bow's center is a D-pad.
  • Eye color - Light blue. Later changed to yellow. Irises can change shape.
  • Outfit - Reicheru wears a light blue sleeveless dress with a puffy white petticoat. On the chest area, there is a single wide pocket. A yellow bow with a white D-pad center is located on the back of the dress. On the skirt, a white bow with a yellow D-pad is on her left while A/B/X/Y buttons are on her right. Attached to the dress is a white hood suspended with yellow buttons. She wears white silk stockings and yellow flats with stars located on the underside. On her hands are white fingerless gloves with frills at the openings.


  • None

Voicebank distribution

Voicebank Reclist Range Description DL
CV 1.0 CV Unknown "Reicheru's original monopitch voicebank. Described to be soft and childlike. Under the "Reicheru Hoshikone" name. Voiced by Kirrin. Suitable for jazz, ballads, pop, and funk" Retired
CV 2.0 CV F3-A5 "An updated monopitch voicebank under the "Reicheru Nintone" name. Described to be childlike, soft, and feminine. Voiced by Kirrin. F1Y0H0B0g-2 is listed as a recommended flag. Recommended samplers include Fresamp and TIPS. Suitable for jazz, ballads, pop, and funk." Retired
VCV 1.0 VCV C3-G#5 "A childlike, strong, clear, and nasally vocal. Voiced by Kirrin. L1B0g-2 (or g-3) is listed as a recommended flag. Fresamp is listed as a recommended sampler. Suitable for rock, pop, and funk genres."
Switch VCV Unknown "A versatile monopitch voicebank that comes with vocal fry, end breaths, breaths, and glottal stops. Described to be childish and soft with strong consonants and a slight American accent. Pitched to fit her previous voicebanks. Recommended sampler is Moresampler. Voiced by StarGamer01. Voicebank developed by EchoExe and edited by Haru.jpg."

Voice details

  • Input - Romaji encoded and Hiragana aliased (CV 2.0), Hirigana encoded and Hirigana aliased (VCV 1.0)
  • System - Microsoft Windows
  • Optimum - Genres: Versatile except very fast songs (CV 2.0), versatile except soft ballads (VCV 1.0)
  • Issues - Work in progress

Voice samples

Additional information

Character Terms Of Use

  1. Selling Reicheru Nintone's character is not tolerated.
  2. Do not use Reicheru's character to promote anything that may infringe the rights of a person or a group.
  3. Do not use Reicheru for ask blogs or online roleplays without permission.
  4. For commercial use of Reicheru's character, permission is required.
  5. The use of Reicheru Nintone's DLC designs are heavily inspired by Nintendo's characters. If they are used, credit to Nintendo is required.
  6. R-18 content of Reicheru's character is forbidden.
  7. Derivatives of Reicheru's character are forbidden.

Voicebank Terms Of Use

  1. Do not redistribute Reicheru Nintones's voicebanks in any way without permission.
  2. Refrain from using other sources of download links unless it is from the creator or provider.
  3. Do not manipulate the voicebanks in any way.
  4. Selling Reicheru's voicebanks is not tolerated.
  5. Do not use Reicheru's voicebanks to promote anything that may infringe the rights of a person or a group.
  6. For commercial use of Reicheru's voicebanks, permission is required.
  7. R-18 content of Reicheru's voicebanks is forbidden.
  8. Derivatives of Reicheru's voicebanks are forbidden.


The official website has MMD models listed. These were made by kitzabitza and A-Daiya respectively.


  • Due to playing video games at such unholy hours, Reicheru tends to wear foundation to cover the bags under her eyes.
  • Her idols are Shigeru Miyamoto and Satoru Iwata.
  • She is slightly overweight from her lack of movement due to playing video games or flying around.
  • Although her psychic abilities are quite powerful, she is physically a potato.
  • Her relationships are open for interpretation.
  • While her age is listed as "N/A", she is noted to appear to be 12.


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