Raku Kyoku
(Japanese: 曲ラク - きょくらく - Kyoku Raku)
(曲) Kyoku - Song

(ラク) Raku - ease, symbols how she's so easy going.
Depending on how you arrange the Kanji used to spell her name, you can get the word music (Gakkyoku). Or, you can simply translate her name as Song of Ease.

TYPE: CHROMELOID (As in Monochrome.)
MODEL: 0-217 (Creator's birthday)

GENDER Female VOICE RANGE A5 - G3(?) RELATED CHARACTERS Harusaki Mokuren (Best Friend)

Gendai (Friend)

Anta Shizuko (Friend)

AGE 15 GENRE Soft pop, ballads, etc. HOMEPAGE None. May change in the future.
WEIGHT 155lbs (70kg) CHARACTER ITEM Ice Cream Sandwich CREATOR Meg, with help from Dibby/Silvermage412.
BIRTHDAY June 20th, 1998 LIKES Cats, Pillows, The color blue, Scarves, Games, Sleeping, Hot dogs. MEDIA LIST Upcoming.
RELEASE DATE September 3th, 2013 DISLIKES Loud noises, bugs, burritos, headaches and bruises. SIGNATURE SONG Senbonzakura
PERSONALITY: Raku is a laid back and relaxed girl. Just about anything will fly with her. She seems to be calm and level headed all the time, but, she has a bad temper, and gets irritated easily. Loud noises bother her immensely, such as alarm clocks. Her worst feature is that, when it comes to friends, she gets a bit.. creepy, much to their dismay. They often scold her for it. Though, despite that, she can be a good friend. If she's not singing or playing video games, chances are she's sleeping.

[ This personality can be ignored if the user wishes. ]


  • Hair color: Pastel blue, almost white.
  • Eye color: Blue.
  • Skin color: Dark tan.
  • Headphones: Basic black headphones that wrap around. Has a mic.
  • Outfit: Long, black scarf with a oversized blue button down, short black shorts, black and white striped thigh-highs and blue wing sneakers. She also wears a piano tie, which controls her voice. Her scarf covers her off/on switch, which is located on the back of her neck. It also covers her model number (0-217).

Demo/Download link

She has a demo, which can be listened to on the creator's tumblr. Here.
The download link for her is at mediafire.

An ACT2 for her has been made, though it's a bit buggy. The demo for her can be found here .

Voice Configuration

Raku is a CV Voicebank, configured for Japanese only. She's encoded in romaji, with hiragana aliases.

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