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(Japanese:-食べるシンレイフTaberushin Reifu)

NAME INTERPRETATION: Rafe - Parody of the name of the Archangel St. Rafael

Taberusyn - 食べる from Japanese "eat" and Syn from Polish "son"

ALIAS: Angel of Gluttony


MODEL: A*-03


Nair Harmonia (Big-sister complex)

Taberusyn Rael Taberusyn (Younger-self)

AGE Looks 20 GENRE Any HOMEPAGE angeloids.wordpress.com
WEIGHT 120 lbs CHARACTER ITEM Chocolate-chip Cookie CREATOR Illisandria Carthain
HEIGHT 5' 11" VOICE SOURCE Illisandria Carthain PICTURE LINK LIST None
BIRTHDAY The Beginning of Time LIKES Nair, sweets, sugar rushes, eating MEDIA LIST None
RELEASE DATE N/A DISLIKES Lucifer, God, his speech impediments, Cercidit, Angels (sans Nair), hard candy, Munair SIGNATURE SONG None
PERSONALITY: Rafe is the agebend of Rael Taberusyn. After about 180 years, he FINALLY got rid of his horrid 'r-' as 'w-' problem and his lisp is slightly less pronounced. Instead of being a shota, like he was, he's a total Sebastian now an (like before) he milks it for all it's worth. Due to a bad cavity earlier in his life, he has sworn off of hard candy but he still is addicted to sweets so he eats pastries and cookies and the like. He still adores Nair but avoids Munair like the plague because she still tries to give him candy.

Supplemental Information

Hair Color: Russet

Eye Color: Light brown

Earphones: Over-the-ear black ones with a heart moniter icon running across them in yellow.

Outfit: Wears a dress-shirt, dress-pants, dress-shoes (all black), and a rainbow-striped tie.

Other: Always has some sugary confection in his mough. No longer candy, but cookies and the like.

Nationality/Race: Medius (Undecided)

Voice Configuration

Rael is designed for the Japanese language with romaji only. Has some interesting sounds for english if you wanted. He has a slight lisp. (He is different from Rael, not just a tweak using flags) DO NOT CHANGE!

Usage Clause

This voicebank (and UTAUloid) can be used for everything except:

1) Bashing of any sort: gender, racial, religious, sexual preference, etc;

2) PWP. It's a no-go.

3) Editing and redistributing of the voicebank and/or oto.ini files.

4) Stealing and calling your own.

Other than that: credit the creator of the voicebank in everything you do, if you create a bend (gender, age or otherwise) - ask me first, and enjoy!