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(Japanese:-食べるシンレイフ Taberushin Reifu)

NAME INTERPRETATION: Rafe - Parody of the name of the Archangel St. Rafael

Taberusyn - 食べる from Japanese "eat" and Syn from Polish "son"

ALIAS: Angel of Gluttony

TYPE: 7loid



Nair Harmonia (Big-sister complex still)

Rael Taberusyn (Younger-self)

AGE Looks 26 GENRE Any HOMEPAGE 7th Layer of Shit
WEIGHT 120 lbs CHARACTER ITEM Chocolate-chip Cookie CREATOR Illisandria Carthain
HEIGHT 5' 11" VOICE SOURCE Illisandria Carthain PICTURE LINK LIST None
BIRTHDAY The Beginning of Time LIKES Nair, sweets, sugar rushes, eating, women, older men MEDIA LIST None
RELEASE DATE N/A DISLIKES Lucifer, God, his speech impediments, Cercidit, Angels (sans Nair), hard candy, Munair SIGNATURE SONG None
PERSONALITY: Rafe is the agebend of Rael Taberusyn. After about 180 years, he FINALLY got rid of his horrid 'r-' as 'w-' problem but he still has a lisp. While he has--unfortunately in his eyes--outgrown his shota phase, he has grown into a more mature "student" look. While his looks may have changed, his personality hasn't, and he is more of a womanizer now than ever. (Little do they know that he bats for the other team.) Due to a bad cavity earlier in his life, he has sworn off of hard candy but he still is addicted to sweets so he eats pastries and cookies and the like. He still adores Nair but avoids Munair like the plague because she still tries to give him candy.

Supplemental Information

Hair Color: Russet

Eye Color: amber

Rafe full body

Outfit: Wears a white dress-shirt, acid-washed jeans, a blue sweater-vest, blue Chucks, and a rainbow-striped tie.

Nationality/Race: Medius (Undecided)

Voice Configuration

  • ADULT Append: Japanese VCV voicebank with ending breath samples and a bvreathing set. Slight lisp is intentional. Recorded but not otoed.
  • SUAVE Append: English CV VC voicebank. Slight lisp is intentional. Partially recorded.

Voicebank Downloads

None right now.

Usage Clause

This bank can be used for anything except:

  • songs that bash any people for their religion, orientation, or any other thing
  • songs that are intentionally created to troll/flame/start shipping wars/etc;
  • stealing an calling your own
  • redistributing without permission