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RYATA MAXUM (Codename RYATALOID M) is a masculine voice library released by AYATONIC. He was first created as an experimental voice, and currently still has new banks in production. He was originally postponed for two years prior to his release. (October 20, 2015.) His birthday is February 21st.


RYATA MAXUM Acute by Kitty Kurai

RYATAセン is his female counterpart, but they do not share the same voice. His real name is RYATA MAXUM, though his alias is RYATALOID M.

He is characterized by his thin frame and very pale skin. He is often mistaken for a female due to his delicate features.

Average Range: A#2~D4

Genre: Gothic Rock


Described as very shy and introverted. He is lazy too, his favorite pastimes consist of napping and eating large meals. RYATA is a half vampire-half human hybrid who is ashamed of his vampirism. Because of this, he hides his ears and fangs out of fear of being mocked. He also rarely ever shows emotion, such as smiling, crying, or raising his voice. He has a hidden jealous streak.

Likes: Sleeping, eating things, luxury, and anything sweet.

Dislikes: Hot weather.

Name Meaning

  • RYATA リャタ -  "Leigh" meaning, delicate, weary
  • MAXUM 最大 (Surname) - "Greatest"

Voicebank Information

Generally uses the [t-1200] flag. Recommended to remain within the C3 and C2 octaves. [t-1200] will move the voice down by one octave. It is not required if he will be in range. Generally uses default resampler, Moresampler, or TIPS.

Voicebank History

CV: Released March 11, 2017. DL [1] ACT 1 (Standard RYATA) Flag: t-1200.

- POWER: Released April 17, 2017. DL [2] ACT 1 Flag: t-1200.

- DARK: Released June 13, 2017. DL [3] ACT 2 Flag: t-1200h30.

- SOLID: Unreleased, in production.

VCV6: Released July 5, 2017. DL [4] (Clear, normal dynamic monopitch) Flag: t-1200.

- DARK: Unreleased, in production. (Started 8/11/17) BETA Open.

- POWER: Unreleased, in production. (Started 8/16/17)

- ACUTE: Released October 29, 2017. DL [5] (Override to VCV6) Flag: b-10e.

- FEVER: Released: December 1-31, 2017, 18. (Seasonal) Flag: g7t-1200Y0F6

- COLD: Unreleased, in production. (Started 11/26/17)

- WORLDS: Released February 21, 2018. DL [6] (Tripitch Normal VCV) Flag: t-1200e.

- NEW WAVE: Unreleased, in production. (Started 9/2/18)

- DARK MOON: Unreleased, in production. (Started 2/21/19)

- CORONA: Unreleased, in production. (Started 3/6/19)

- UMBRA: Unreleased, in production. (Started 3/6/19)

Arpasing: Unreleased, in production. (Started 7/8/17)


- Swedish: Unreleased, in production. (Started 2/3/18)


- English: Released August 28, 2019. DL [7] (Normal English Installment) Flag: b-5e.

Related Characters

- ASTER Kurami: Cousin, fellow OBSCURALOID

- ASTER Kurono: Cousin, fellow OBSCURALOID

- Rene Raizel: Friend, fellow OBSCURALOID

- RYATAセン: Love interest, cousin

- MIONセン: Cousin

- Sakebi SCREAM: Rival, fellow OBSCURALOID

Trivial Information

  • RYATA MAXUM is the first public OBSCURALOID, a set of thirteen voice libraries produced by AYATONIC. However, he is not the first to be created.
  • His character is inspired as a "modern vampire." (He is a half-vampire hybrid.)
  • His full name roughly means "the greatest sorrow."
  • He was originally RYATALOID M, as he was modeled after a progenitor named RYATA.
  • The "M" stands for Masculine.
  • RYATA MAXUM is of Swedish and Japanese descent.
  • He is NOT a derivative of RYATAセン. RYATAセン was created two years prior to MAXUM.
  • His official character item is recognized as the Black Rose.
  • RYATA MAXUM is the first masculine UTAU to receive an official installment for the Swedish language, but the voicebank was never publicly released.

Character Trivia

  • RYATA is afraid of heights and riding in vehicles.
  • He does not know English.
  • His middle name is Dorakul. (どらこる)
  • He has fangs and pointed ears.
  • Deeply admires RYATAセン from afar.
  • His speech and learning disabilities are rumored to have been caused by an accident early in his childhood.
  • RYATA has a very strong appetite and often overeats.
  • He never smiles, cries, or raises his voice.
  • RYATA has a speech impediment in which makes it difficult for him to pronounce words properly.

Usage Clause

  • DO NOT: Claim this work as your own, humiliate the character, or fail to write his name properly.
  • YOU CAN: Use without permission: His banks, create fanart, roleplay and shippings. Nothing is official without his creator's consent.
  • R-18 content is allowed but not encouraged.
  • Please write his name in western order, with all capitals. (RYATA MAXUM)


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Voice Samples

【UTAU】 The Snow White Princess Is 【RYATALOID M】CV

【UTAU】 The Snow White Princess Is 【RYATALOID M】CV

【UTAU】 I Wonder If You'll Say You're Sorry【RYATA MAXUM Acute】 VCV Demo

【UTAU】 I Wonder If You'll Say You're Sorry【RYATA MAXUM Acute】 VCV Demo

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