Rima's creator has kept this utau private for many reasons. She/He will release RIMA-Loids songs in the future


Scarf - Her signature item, is a black hijab like head wear that has to long strips to use around your neck. Rima has blonde hair that is noticeable. With a maid style touch its a long dark green tank top with a square on the bottom middle.her cut off sleeves are black and green on the bottom.They are often mistake as to be apart of the shirt .Her skirt has a slit on each side. On the top of the skirt is a black belt covered by the top. The dress style came from Vocaloid 3's Anon & Kanon. The skirt is dark green first part bright green bottom part. Rima's boats are checkered black and green with neon blue soles

RIMA"s fanart from Rinmarugames
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