This is Rena, an UTAU made by EmSama. The voicebank for Rena's friend, Shinka Nyamaru, is still being recorded.


Rena appears to be about 17 years of age. She has dark blue hair and eyes. She wears a short geisha, grey with accents that match her hair color. Her shoes have short heels. She is normally carrying two fans, one open, one closed. Her headphones match her clothing color sceme, grey with blue accents.


Rena will be friends with Shinka Nyamaru, who is still is the creation process. If she was required to have relationships outside of the UTAU program, such as VOCALOID, she would likely choose to be friends with Gakupo/Gackpoid, GUMI/Megpoid, and/or Megurine Luka. Rena's creator is gaining permission from other UTAU creators that live near her for friendships. As far as popular UTAU, Em is downloading Namine Ritsu's voicebank for duets.


EmSama, Rena's creator and voice donor, keeps starting projects and never finishes them. Em is still getting used to the way that UTAU works.


EmSama, Rena's creator and voice donor, has made a design for Rena's Append. In this design, Rena wears a black gas mask, a black botace, a short blue skirt, and knee high black and blue stockings with combat boots for shoes.