(Japanese: ぴょ - PYO)


No official interpretation. Pyo is just meant to be cute.



GENDER Male. VOICE RANGE F3-F5 RELATED CHARACTERS Sora Yasu (Younger sibling's UTAU---shares a backstory with Pyo.)
AGE 14 GENRE Classical, Pop (Quiet songs in general sound nice.) HOMEPAGE Creator's YT channel (Official YouTube account)
WEIGHT 85 lbs CHARACTER ITEM A ball that he balances on. CREATOR Tora

'4' 3"' (130 cm)

BIRTHDAY October 31st, 1997 LIKES Circuses, peforming, crowds, the cold, the moon, nightime, winter, autumn, lions, tigers and bears (oh my!), junk food. MEDIA LIST Youtube
RELEASE DATE October 31st, 2010 even though he didn't get his oto until nov. 5. DISLIKES Socializing, heat, summer, spring, cars, loud noises, bright lights, fireworks. SIGNATURE SONG N/A
PERSONALITY: Pyo can be quite contradictory to himself. Polite, but unnecessarily sarcastic; caring, but very cynical. "I do like people, but that doesn't mean I trust them." He's not really introverted when it comes to talking; he's just very taciturn. He just prefers not to talk. Pyo looks up to most of the older UTAU, wishing to one day be like them; popular, friendly, with a strong voice. Sometimes he can be a bit of a brat, especially when it comes to his ideals or his belongings. Pyo also doesn't like to do duets, as he has an issue of actually socializing with people, but he will if he has to.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Strawberry blond.

Accessory: N/A

Eye color: Icy blue

Earphones: N/A

Dress: Like a harlequin---indigo hat, shirt, and shorts; olive shawl, arm warmers and leg warmers; black shoes and gloves.

Nationality/Race: Unknown

Voice Configuration

Pyo is Japanese only with only one Voice Bank. OTO Configured in Hiragana and Romaji.

CV ACT1: [1]


  • Pyo grew up in a circus, and was generally fond of all of the performers. When asked why he left, he simply answers with "I don't like to talk about it".
  • Pyo's favorite foods are all junk food; he likes to snack before and after perfomances.
  • Pyo hates being called a clown, jester, joker, or pierrot. He's strictly a harlequin, in his opinion.
  • Pyo has no family, and doesn't like the idea with living with anyone. He lets Yasu Sora and Yasu Miyako visit once in a while.
  • Pyo's hat is reversible; the inside has an odd face embroidered in it, and triangles instead of diamonds hanging off of the ends.

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