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(Japanese: サイコティック・サイコ - Saikotikku Saiko)

Psychotic - meaning insane or deranged.
Psycho - someone who is psychotic.
His name is intended to be teasing at the way some people use the same adjective in a sentence on purpose, such as to say, "Psychotic psycho is psychotic."

MODEL: Ψ (Psi) - Greek symbol used commonly in physics to represent a wavefunction in quantum mechanics. Reference to his 'spinning' eyes and waves in his voice. It is imprinted in black on his labcoat's pocket.

Elliade (creation)
Tei Sukone (obsessive crush)
Len Kagamine (thinks he can kill him and win Tei's love)

AGE 7300 days
(It can be converted to 20 years old.)
GENRE Rock, Goth, Metal, Pop, R&B, and Rap HOMEPAGE Psychotic Psycho's Official Site
WEIGHT 133lbs (60.3kg) CHARACTER ITEM Laboratory test tubes (unofficial) CREATOR SingingRobotStalker

6' 7" ft (200.7 cm)

VOICE SOURCE SingingRobotStalker PICTURE LINK LIST Psycho's First Concept
BIRTHDAY N/A LIKES Tei Sukone, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Mathematics, science, rocks, rain, thunderstorms, tornados, treasure, needles, knives, fire, electricity, & technology MEDIA LIST NICO NICO DOUGA, YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE September 6, 2010 (ACT1 release)
September 3, 2010 (Beta release)
DISLIKES Len Kagamine, general society, & anyone who likes Tei as well SIGNATURE SONG

Elliade no Bousou

Dear Scottei (being redone)

PERSONALITY: Psycho is a demented, evil genius that is a superb mechanic, rocket scientist, explosives engineer, and biologist. Somehow, he still manages to be illogical and irrational regardless of his intelligence. He stalks and obsesses over Tei the same way she does Len. Psycho usually refers to Tei as Scottei instead of Tei. Has an energetic, playful, egotistical personality and trembles when excited.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Messy purple hair that fluffs/spikes out and has red and blue ends scattered throughout.
Headgear: Giant, black, thick-lensed glasses. He can't see without them, by the way.
Eye color: Red and white spirals or rings. Varies with mood.
Earphones: None, if any, they aren't visible. He might not even have ears.
Dress: Long, worn-out white labcoat that appears to be ripped or torn off partially to reveal black trousers and flat, large black boots. The entire labcoat is burned at the edges.
Nationality/Race: Japanese-American, obviously more American.
Favorite Phrase: *maniacal laughter*
Other: Has a large mouth that is full of shark teeth and is Albino with bright red eyes just like Tei.

Author Notes

I do not care what you make Psycho sing or even if you genderbend him. He was made out of fun and will remain that way.

Voicebank Downloads

ACT1.5 [July 27, 2013]

This is Psycho's newest voicebank. It is CV with VV, breaths, and some ending consonants. A demo song is here and you can download this bank here or here

ACT1 [Sept. 6, 2010]

This was Psycho's first voicebank. It will be reuploaded soon for those who prefer it over the new bank.

Details written are provided by the author listed above. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.