(Japanese: ピンク・ハナ - Pinku Hana)
ピンク (Pinku: Pink)
ハナ (Hana; Flower)
TYPE: Maidloid and Gardenloid. (She is not anything like Acme Iku)
MODEL: PINK 043 (Stamped on her apron)
Meko Katane (Best Friend)
Kiku Ryu (Friend)
Mary Hume (Antagonist)
AGE 33 GENRE Talking, Whisper Songs, Pop HOMEPAGE None
WEIGHT 97lbs CHARACTER ITEM Gardening Tools, Broom CREATOR Snowloid
HEIGHT 4'7" VOICE SOURCE The voice source will remain unnamed but the voice source is NOT Snowloid but it is a relative. PICTURE LINK LIST Concept Art
BIRTHDAY February 15, 19XX LIKES Flowers, gardens, nature MEDIA LIST YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE April 1st, 2011 DISLIKES Insects, rats, spiders, weeds, people who destroy her garden, winter, cold, Yufu Sekka SIGNATURE SONG None
PERSONALITY: Pinku is a warm hearted UTAUloid who loves to garden and sit in meadows starring at flowers. She hates winter but loves the Spring and Summer. Pinku works as a maid in Tokyo to earn yen to pay rent for her apartment.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Light Pink
Hair: Ponytail (like Chii Feirune)
Headset: Gray/White Hat
Headgear: Red Hair Bows (supposively metal with lasers inside of them)
Eye color: Peach/Pink
Dress: Pink maid outfit with white lace, white shoes with white socks with pink on the top, white/pink tie

Voice Configuration

Pinku's voice will never be released to the public because her voice source doesn't want to be heard. Pinku has 3 voicebanks. Her first is the DEMO, it has 10 sounds. She has an Act 2 with 100 sounds. She also has a "Shouting Append" where the voice shouts really loud, it has 5 sounds. Her voicebank isn't for download. But she was released to some of the author's friends.

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