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Pengu Penginoid - ペンギンOID

(Pengu has no Japanese translation)

Type: UTAUloid (Penginoid)

Model: =034= *located on the back of her neck, hidden under her scarf*


Mama Penginoid (Mother)

Papa Penginoid (Father)

Penguo Penginoid (Twin brother)

Pengi Penginoid (Younger sister)

Sahira Tsuneku (Best friend, common singing partner)

Masami Akane (Best friend)

Ai Ikeda (friend)

Dave Melankolisk (friend)

Maxy Sasayaku (friend)

Miawatagene Millffeulle (friend)

Mira Tsutsuma (friend)

Neropoid (friend)

Makoto & Kotone NIKPOID (friends)



GENRE: Varies HOMEPAGE: Penginoid-FC

Alternate Only:

UK: 2st 5lbs
US: 33lbs
Other: 15kg

HEIGHT: Pocket-sized (4'10" Alternatively) VOICE SOURCE: DarkBox-V2K PICTURE LINK LIST: deviantART
BIRTHDAY: December 8th LIKES: Popsicles, Penguins, Snow and winter. MEDIA LIST:





DISLIKES: Summer, being too warm and melted popsicles. SIGNATURE SONG: Song of eared Robot
PERSONALITY: Pengu is a very easy going character who has had a love for Penguins since her creation, being based on Fairy Penguins "The Little Blue Penguin" herself. She is a sweet, friendly young girl who lacks the height that most others do standing at only a few inches tall. She likes to make other people happy and is rather outgoing compared to UTAUloids related to her. Despite her small stature, Pengu enjoys being around other UTAUloids and likes to take part in as many activities as she can. She's a bit clumsy and has a weakness for Masaru's cooking. She is best friends with Masami Akane and someday wishes that she can be as pretty as her. However, despite being best friends with her, Pengu has a strong disliking for Masami's cooking - she just hasn't got the heart to tell her.

Supplemental Information

Pengu's Reference

HEADGEAR: Penguin hat with light blue bowtie.
EARPHONES: Her earphones are styled to look like Penguin earmuffs.
OUTFIT: Penguin hat, teal scarf with a fish motif, zip up dress, arm warmers - Left armwarmer suppoct an LCD Screen, leg warmers (with suspenders) and plain shoes.
COLOUR SCHEME: Light blue and black.

ACT4 Voicebank

Pengu's ACT4 has been released. It was recorded on 02/03/2013 and has since been fully oto'd and aliased with Hiragana.

Her samples were recorded with a high quality microphone making her ACT4 a lot more clear and understandable compared to her last couple of banks.

Her ACT4 was released a year after her ACT1 on the date of May 10th 2013 in celebration of her 1st year Anniversary. The video was featured with several others that branched from her initial ACT1 to her ACT4, even featuring works by other users making the over all video almost 45 minutes long. The video and anniversary proved to be a success and since then, Pengu's ACT4 voicebank has been up for public download and has been downloaded a total of 41 times as of 06/10/2013.

You can download her ACT4 voicebank here

Appends and Other Voicebanks

Sweet Append

Pengu's Sweet Append is going to be re-recorded in 2014. Her currect Sweet Append uses the English R and the pronunciation of some samples could be better. Her design will remain the same and it is currently unknown when the bank will be re-recorded.

Adolescence Append

Similar to the Sweet Append, Pengu's Adolescence Append will be re-recorded in 2014. The design will remain the same and it is currently unknown when the bank will be re-recorded.

Pengu Penginoid VCV Voicebank

This voicebank has been in talks for a while. However it is unknown when it will be recorded and completed. Hopefully it will begin once most of the other voicebank her creator is currently working on have been completed and released. However it is known that Pengu will be recieveing her VCV after Masami Akane, another UTAU voiced andproduced by DarkBox-V2K.

Pengu Penginoid English Voicebank

Information for this voicebank has still to be confirmed.

Pengu Penginoid Chinese Voicebank

Information for this voicebank has still to be confirmed.

Pengu Penginoid Korean Voicebank

Information for this voicebank has still to be confirmed.

Usage Clause

  • This voicebank is free to use as long as the guidelines are followed!
  • Pengu Penginoid is not for commercial use!
  • Please do NOT edit her voice (via, pitching etc.) and claim it as yours. That wouldn’t be a very nice thing to do, now would it?
  • Do NOT use Pengu’s voice bank for offensive purposes. That’s not what her voicebank was created for!
  • You MAY change her attire (excluding her hat) to fit the song if you are to create the image for the song in use. Please DO NOT tamper with her appearance otherwise.
  • Don’t create an UTAU based off any of the Penginoids without asking!

Voice Bank Releases

ACT Release Date OTO.INI Present Song Title Original Artist Length Additional Information Link
ACT1 10th May 2012 NO Hirari Hirari Tamaazu-P feat. Miku Hatsune 3:30 Wasn't set to correct Ocatave. Hirari Hirari
ACT2 3rd June 2012 YES Just be Friends Dixie Flatline feat. Luka Megurine 4:59 N/A Just be Friends
ACT3 30th September 2012 YES Deep Sea Girl Yuuyu-P feat. Miku Hatsune 3:38 N/A Deep Sea Girl
ACT4 10th May 2013 YES Song of the Eared Robot nm3611741 feat. Teto Kasane 3:35 Released on her 1st Year Anniversary. Song of the Eared Robot

Trivia and Information

  • Pengu was the first Penginoid to be created, later followed by Penguo, Mama, Pengi then Papa.
  • Pengu is the most popular UTAUloid produced by DarkBox-V2K.
  • Like the rest of the Penginoids, Pengu is originally pocket-sized, However due to confusion; she has been given an alternate height which is currently set at 4'10".
  • Pengu and Penguo share the same voice provider.
  • Pengu is based on the "Fairy Penguin" a small, blue feathered Penguin that is known to be the shortest in existence. However she takes her likeness from the Emperor Penguin like the rest of her family members.

All information about Pengu Penginoid on this page is certified true by her creator, DarkBox-V2K. PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE ANY INFORMATION OF THIS UTAULOID.